Rufeinig of the Ranoa'i

Life is war. And it's one versus all...believe that.


Rufeinig stands 6 feet 3 inches tall, with broad shoulders and a muscular, yet athletic build. He has an olive complexion, long black hair, piercing green eyes and a scruffy beard. Rufeinig also boasts a large tribal tattoo that extends from the right side of his chest down his right arm and a brand of the Ranoa’i tribal crest on his left shoulder. He also has a diagonal scar across his face that he got as a child when the orc hoard attacked his village.

Rufeinig’s clothing is a patchwork of things he acquired in his travels, but his main clothing follows the Ranoa’i custom of wearing animal hides and pelts decorated with bones. He wears brown boots, dark brown pants and leather wrapping around his right hand. Rufeinig wears little-to-no armor, as he needs to swiftly travel great distances by foot. He wears a leather pauldron on his right shoulder, steel gauntlets that bear the Ranoa’i crest as well as other Shoanti runes, and a leather/chain mail tasset. He also has a dark grey-blue cloak with a direwolf pelt. Rufeinig has his great sword sheathed on his back. He also carries tomahawk-like throwing axes outfitted with griffin feathers, and several small javelins.

When going into a rage, Rufeinig grabs his right gauntlet and speaks the incantation “furor est fortis”, which causes the runes to emit a green light and his eyes to glow green.


For some, one versus all sounds like a hellish punishment or a never ending nightmare. But for Rufeinig it’s just another day in Varisia. He is a stoic, brooding barbarian whose only goal in life is to survive. Although usually gruff and cold towards people, he has a good heart and a soft spot for women or children in trouble.

Born to a rogue, nomadic Shoanti tribe called the Ranoaʻi, who dwelled in the Lurkwood Forest, Rufeinig was the son of the tribe’s chieftain. Although very small in numbers, only around 60 Ranoa’i existed, they were extremely formidable warriors and very skilled trackers/hunters. The Ranoaʻi originally hailed from the Cinderlands, but thousands of years ago they broke off from the Shoanti and formed a new tribe in Lurkwood, the Ranoa’i.

The tribe was wiped out when it was raided by orc brigands. The only survivor was the young Rufeinig. The young barbarian traveled Varisia, honing his skills as a warrior to seek out the orc brood that destroyed his people. Along the way, he also grew a keen tongue for languages and playing the ocarina.

He later took in adventures and roamed throughout Varisia as a thief, outlaw, mercenary, and pirate. But his conscience eventually got the best of him and he returned to his homeland in the Lurkwood Forest. After revisiting the ruins of his village, he rededicated himself to his quest of hunting down the orcish hoard and bringing the spirits of his ancestors peace.

Shortly thereafter, Rufeinig traveled to Churlwood Forest to make a living as a fur trapper and hunter, trading pelts with merchants in Sandpoint, Nybor, Wartle and Windsong Abbey. Rufeinig is usually weary of falling back into his adventuring ways, but although they result in him performing heroic feats, his motivation for doing so is largely to protect his own survival or for personal gain. He developed a reputation throughout Varisia as a vengeful warrior, which usually results in him using intimidation to achieve his goals.

While selling pelts in Sandpoint, Rufeinig was apporached by the sheriff ,and fellow Shoanti, Belor Hemlock. Belor wanted Rufeinig to use his expert skills as a hunter and tracker to help search for an escaped prisoner, Tsuto. It was during this time that he met the Fighting Foxes, and helped them in their search for Tsuto. Despite his natural distrust for everyone, he came to respect the troupe as noble warriors, even friends.

The agile, imposing juggernaut has defeated any foe in his entire life to cross his path trying to hinder his goals. But since day one, he has proven any foe wrong in the language of broken bodies and slain monsters who thought they could finish him. The point is, attack this Ranoa’i warrior at your own peril, but by all means feel free to risk it. He likes the odds stacked and the enemies numerous. But one way or another, whether its an orc army, fire-breathing dragon or towering colossus, when all is said and done, Rufeinig will be the last man standing…believe that.

Rufeinig of the Ranoa'i

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