Welcome to Varisia.

For many the uncertainty of the future is something to be feared. The mist of unknown things to come was, for a time, pierced by prophecy. Events yet to unfold were revealed by prophets who saw the future and spoke truth to the people of Golarion. While day to day life may have had its uncertainty, people could draw on the hope of the things they knew would come to pass.

For the people of the Inner Sea, the god Aroden was a central figure of dependability. The empire of Cheliax was to be the seat of Aroden’s return, but on the day of his prophesied return to humanity, he died. This tragedy was the undoing of Cheliax’s empire, and it was the first prophecy to fail to come true. It was, however, not the last.

As other prophecies failed, a new age of the world began. It became known as The Age of Lost Omens. The empire of Cheliax began to decline from its prominent position in the world. In the farther northern reaches of Avistan, in the land known as Varisia, the great city of Korvosa was the last bastion of Cheliax before it became effectively independent. Beyond this, is a frontier region dominated by rolling hills, mountains, rivers, lakes, and other independent city state and towns.

It is in one of these towns that our story begins. The sixth largest community in the region, nestled along the Lost Coast, is a town called Sandpoint. In spite of it being The Age of Lost Omens, a celebration is in the works here, for it is the 23rd of Rova in the year 4707 Absalom Reckoning. On this day, people all over Golarion are poised to observe the Swallowtail Festival, a celebration of the goddess Desna. For the people of Sandpoint, it also marks the day that their new church is being dedicated after the tragic loss of the previous chapel five years ago.

The people of Sandpoint will, however, need heroes far sooner than anyone might expect, for evil forces are at work in Varisia, and the fate of the region will soon become imperiled.

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Rise of the Runelords

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