Rise of the Runelords

Session 19 Recap
A New Journey Begins

Month of Neth, 4707 AR
The next month was mostly uneventful for the group. Eudonius and Anastriona officially joined the adventuring company. They decided to rename themselves the Fighting Phoenix Adventuring Company. The name Fighting Foxes no longer seemed appropriate after their last encounter with Aldern Foxglove, whom the original name had honored.
The group refurnished their home on 21 Junk Steet. Their former companion, Rufeinig, was put to rest with a proper Shoanti burial. To their house they added a memorial wall for their fallen allies; Rufeinig and the acolytes of Iomedae.
Mark Eight spent much of his time at the blacksmith forge. He was able to make new armor or weapons for many of the group. He also returned to Magnimar for some time and assisted the town guard in apprehending several criminals. After his last job, which involved breaching a house and apprehending the leader of criminal group, he received an invitation from the Lord-Mayor of Magnimar to meet him on the 5th of Kuthona about a job.
Eudonius returned to Magnimar as well, studying and praying at the Temple of Iomedae. One day he was called to assist in an exorcism of a demon. The acolytes had been able to cast out the demon, it was still in the upper floor when Eudonius arrived. Eudonius found the creature and realized it was undead and not a demon and was able to destroy it with his holy presence.
Bety, who had traveled to Riddleport to find some of his crew, was driving a wagon away from the city with Dally Van. Two riders were chasing them trying to apprehend Bety’s friend, when Bety stopped the wagon and polymorphed himself into a triceratops, scaring their pursuers off. After Bety was himself again, Dally remembered to give him a letter from the Lord-Mayor of Magnimar.
Anastriona spent much of her time in the wild communing with nature. She studied the ebb and flow of the natural magic of the area. Two figures appeared in front of her, taking the forms of a wolf and a stag, and bowed to her. She approached the wolf, touching its head. It dissipated into its life energy and flowed into the druid. As her vision subsided, a rider approached her and gave her the same letter from the Lord-Mayor.
Avel’lyatria stayed in Sandpoint, studying Thassilon with Brodert Quink. The Rider pulled him face down through the forest. It threw Avel into a boulder and then hurled a disk (a sundial) at him, missing, but striking the boulder behind the bladesinger. As Avel looked back, he saw the Rider had his younger brother with a metal collar and chain around his neck. Avel struck out with magic at the Rider. The Rider threw Avel’s brother to the ground and rode off. Avel’s brother approached, saying, “It’s almost time and soon you will be together.” Avel awoke at a knocking at his door. It was a messenger who delivered an invitation from the Lord-Mayor of Magnimar.

5 Kuthona, 4707 AR
The Fighting Phoenixes reunited outside of the Pediment Building in Magnimar in the morning and quickly caught up on their individual adventures. They then went inside the building and up to the Lord-Mayor’s office.
Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Groberas welcomed the adventurers and told them that he had a job for them. One of Magnimar’s holdings, Fort Rannick, had not been heard from in some time. No merchants had traveled from that way lately, either. A messenger, Tymeron, had been sent to the fort, but also had not returned. The Lord-Mayor wanted the Fighting Phoenixes to travel to Fort Rannick and discover what had happened.
Fort Rannick was a fort north of the town of Turtleback Ferry in the forests northeast of the Sanos Forest. It was the home of the Black Arrow Rangers, who helped defend the area.
The group left the Pediment Building, discussing their options for traveling to Fort Rannick. Avel, who came from the Sanos Forest, suggested traveling by river to the Turtleback Ferry and then going the rest of the way on foot. The group agreed to this suggestion and began readying themselves for the journey. They bought rations and supplies and were able to find a barge to taken them to Whistledown. From there, the Fighting Phoenixes could either ride to Turtleback Ferry or find another boat to take them the rest of the way.

6 Kuthona, 4707 AR
The first two days of the journey were uneventful. Still relatively close to Magnimar there was little danger. On the evening of their second day of the journey, Avel pointed out an old broken Thassilonian aqueduct. He had first seen it on his journey to Sandpoint several months before.

7 Kuthona, 4707 AR
The group sat around on the small barge talking about their pasts and getting to know one another. As they talked, one of the donkeys stepped in a trap, stopping their boat. Four bandits emerged from the nearby brush and threatened the group, trying to bribe the captain to let the barge go free.
The adventurers refused to pay and attacked the bandits, who immediately transformed into wereboars. After a short fight, three of the wereboar bandits had been slain by Eight (2) and Eudonius (1), while the fourth bandit escaped.
Unfortunately, the donkey was slain by the bandits before they were dispatched. As the group recovered from the fight, they noticed that the captain was riding back to Magnimar on the back of the other donkey, leaving the barge stranded in the river. The group was able to get their own horses off the barge and attach two of them to the harnesses to use them to haul the barge. But it took some time and they lost about a half-day’s travel.

8 Kuthona, 4707 AR
The next day of travel was also uneventful. By this time, Bety had claimed the barge for himself and renamed it The Halfpint. From their camp that night, they could see the lights of Wartle in the distance.

9 Kuthona, 4707 AR
The group reached Wartle early the next morning. They stopped in the small town and decided to try to find new beasts of burden to replace their horses. Bety was able to find a couple farms outside of town and buy two oxen to pull the barge further up river. They set off soon afterwards, but lost most of the day’s traveling.

10 Kuthona, 4707 AR
As the barge passed along the edge of the Sanos Forest, a large group of mephits emerged from the forest and attacked the party. The fight was brief, but intense with the small creatures keeping their distance and casting spells, but eventually they fled after many were killed. Anastriona (2), Bety (1), Eudonius (3), and Avel (1) were all able to kill some of the annoying creatures.
Later that day, the Fighting Phoenix Adventuring Company reached the town of Whistledown on the banks of Lake Syrantula. Avel had an acquaintance in the town and left the group to find Orlain Quicklight while the others made arrangements to be towed to Ilsurian on the north side of the lake.
Avel found the old gnome drinking in one of the taverns. The bladesinger asked if Orlain knew what was going on in the area. The gnome informed him that strange things had been happening around the forest lately. Trolls, ogres, and restless fey had been seen lately, as well as new creatures that hadn’t been seen before. Gnome villages in the forest had been abandoned. Something had been stopping ships going up the Skull River towards Turtle Ferry.
Avel passed this information onto the others and they discussed the best way to complete their journey. While the Sanos Trail would be the safest option, it would also take more time. Since they believed that time may be of the essence, the group eventually agreed to continue up the river, despite the possible dangers.
The Fighting Phoenixes climbed aboard the small boat that would pull their barge across the lake to Ilsurian. Halfway across the lake, two wyverns swooped down from the mountains and attack the adventurers on the boat. They creatures fought ferociously, injuring both Avel and Anastriona, but were eventually driven off by the group, though neither was killed.
They reached Ilsurian early that evening. The group was in rough shape, so they decided to rest in Ilsurian for the night and continue on in the morning.

Kill Count:
Mark Eight – 2 (40) – 2 wereboars
Avel’lyatria – 1 (36) – 1 mephit
Bety – 1 (31) – 1 mephit
Eudonius – 4 (16) – 1 wereboar, 3 mephits
Anastriona – 2 (16) – 2 mephits
Rufeinig – 0 (13) –
Elowen – 3 –
Varis – 6 –

Session 18 Recap
The Heroes of Magnimar

26 Lamashan, 4707 AR
The adventures stood around over the snakelike body of Xanesha, the three fallen acolytes lying dead nearby. Wearily, they began searching Xanesha’s body. Eight took her spear, which flared with light and was covered with Thassilonian runes. As he picked it up, the rune on his arm flared with red light. Avel found an amulet on her body, shaped like the sihedron rune.
Next, the group began searching the interior of the Shadowclock. On the top floor, inside a cupboard, they found Aldorin, the dwarf wizard advisor to the Lord-Mayor. He thanked the Fighting Foxes for saving them and told them he was supposed to meet Xanesha here, but was knocked out by something after arriving.
They also found a stash of notes, mostly just information that they had already found out. But among the notes was the Lord-Mayor’s schedule and an updated list of names for the Sihedron Ritual. Also Xanesha’s journal was found, but it was written in Thassilonian.
Avel examined the statue on top of the Shadowclock, while the others found wagons to take the bodies of the acolytes, Xanesha, and the flesh golem back to the temple. The statue was not magical, but had a phrase written in Thassilonian runes. It appeared to be paraphrased from a sacred text by the context. It referenced the “shadows of Marmasif”, which seemed to be a location to the far north, and “runes empowering the great generals.”
With everything taken care of at the Shadowclock, the group left the district towards the upper part of town. On the way, Aldorin redirected them to the Lord-Mayor’s estate. The adventurers were welcomed inside to meet with the Lord-Mayor, who was informed of what had happened by the dwarven wizard. He was very thankful for what the Fighting Foxes had accomplished and wished to honor them at a ceremony in a few days’ time.
After meeting with Lord-Mayor Groberas, the group returned to the Temple of Iomedae with the bodies. They arranged to have the acolytes properly buried and to have the other bodies brought in so that they could be further examined. And then went to rest after their long night.
The group awoke later that afternoon. By this time, several scholars and wizards, especially from the Golemworks, had arrived at the temple to examine the snake and golem. Avel joined those examining and met Toth Bhreacher, the archmage of the Golemworks, and the two discussed the flesh golem.
Bety and Mark Eight visited Muldanor to inform them that the Skinsaw Cult was no more. The crime lord was grateful and gave the halfling a document and instructions for passing the document that would free Bety’s crew. Bety took his leave and followed the Muldanor’s instructions, hoping he could trust the crime lord.

27-28 Lamashan, 4707 AR
Over the next two days, the Fighting Foxes spent most of their time recovering from the fight with Xanesha. Some also brewed potions, scribed scrolls, and took care of other various errands. Avel also sent in a report to the Pathfinder Society about their discoveries.

28 Lamashan, 4707 AR
The morning of the ceremony arrived. Early in the day, the Fighting Foxes were invited to the ceremony in their honor. The Lord-Mayor awarded each of the adventurers with a medal and a large sack of gold. They accepted their rewards with much applause from the gathered audience.
The group then decided to celebrate at the Fancy Reefclaw and see if any of Bety’s crew had shown up now that the Skinsaw cult had been dealt with. They arrived at the tavern and immediately noticed Baelan and Dealon sitting at a table and Captain Bars’uula sitting by the fire. Bety immediately went to talk to the captain, while Eudonius and the others sat down with the twins.
Bety and Captin Bars’uula had a very friendly greeting. But the captain was sorry for leaving Bety in Sandpoint those years ago. One night, while playing cards, an older elf named “Mal…something” decided to join in. After the elf won, he told the captain that in the future, Bars’uula would run into trouble and only Bety would be able to save him, but the halfling must be left in the dark. Captain Bars’uula also admitted he was getting too old and one day Bety would return to take his place as captain of The Pearl Owlbear and knew the words that Bety would say, but that today wasn’t that day.
After Bety and Captain Bars’uula finished talking, the halflling invited the rest of the Fighting Foxes over to meet his old friend. The captain joyfully greeted everyone as they were introduced until he got to Avel. As he heard the eladrin’s name, the captain went pale, which Avel noticed. Afterwards, the group spent the night drinking and sharing stories.
Late into the night, the group finally dispersed. The Fighting Foxes returned to sleep at the temple, while Bars’uula and the twins went to their own inn. Avel summoned Dirge to him and sent the pseudodragon familiar to follow the Captain and report back.

29 Lamashan, 4707 AR
Avel left the temple early the next morning and traveled to Captain Bars’uula’s inn. There he waited at a table in the common room for the captain to come down. After a few hours, he came down the stairs and Avel waved him over. The captain did not want to talk to him, telling him that Malwen told him not to. He also admitted that he had met Malwen the night before Bety was left in Sandpoint before hustling out of the inn, refusing to talk to Avel anymore.
The rest of the group decided to investigate Ironbriar’s Office in the Pediment Building. Inside, they discovered records from the Seven’s Sawmill and directions from Xanesha for clearing specific areas to obtain victims of the Sihedron Ritual, as well as other notes written in Thassilonian.
They also found a bounty from priests of Sarenrae and Iomedae for the capture of a rogue cleric and his sister who abandoned their post in Mendev. Eudonius admitted the bounty was on himself and his sister, but that the reports were not entirely true.
Eudnoius and his sister traveled with other soldiers to Mendev where they fought against the demons of the Worldwound, but that he lost many of his companions. Eventually, he was framed by people who claimed to be high priests for desertion. Now Eudonius is trying to clear the reputation of himself and his sister.
After regrouping at the temple, Avel looked over several of the documents. Many of the Thassilonian documents contained religious devotional passages. The noted the “mountains of Marmasif,” “clouds of Shalast,” and mentioned the name Mokmurian.

30 Lamashan, 4707 AR
The next day was spent again recovering and running errands. Bety, having learned a polymorph spell, practiced transforming himself into a triceratops with the help of Anastriona.

1 Neth, 4707 AR
Eudonius had spent some time looking over the documents they had found in Ironbriar’s office and decided to track done one of the people who had falsely accused him of deserting. The others decided to join him and they all traveled to Lowcleft to visit the manor of Lord Ylearnd. Unfortunately, the lord was not expected back for some time, but they could try again near the beginning of the new year.
With no more business in Magnimar, the group decided to return to Sandpoint. But first, Bety wanted to visit the Hidden Swallow Trading Post to visit his brother, Archie. Bety made sure his brother knew that they were the ones who solved the murders in Magnimar. The two halflings talked about their current fortunes for some time before Bety took his leave. After that, the group gathered their horses and rode out toward Sandpoint.

Kill Count:
Mark Eight – 0 (39) –
Avel’lyatria – 0 (35) –
Bety – 0 (30) –
Eudonius – 0 (12) –
Anastriona – 0 (14) –
Rufeinig – 0 (13) –
Elowen – 3 –
Varis – 6 –

Session 17 Recap
Assault on the Shadowclock

25 Lamashan, 4707 AR
After resting and awaking at midday, Avel, Eight, Bety, Eudonius, and Anastriona began discussing what they had found and what their next move was. Avel examined Ironbriar’s ledger, but it was written in a cypher that included several languages.
It was decided that Eight, Avel, Bety, and Anastriona would go scout out the Shadowclock, while Eudonius waited in the temple to assist with the questioning of Ironbriar’s body. The group worked on the questions that would be asked during the spell. Avel left his familiar Dirge at the temple so that Eudonius could inform the others when the questioning was done.
The scouting party made their way through the city towards the Underbridge district. At the border of the district guards had set up a checkpoint to prevent people from entering or leaving the district. The group was able to bypass the checkpoint by sneaking through the alleyways. Once inside the district, they found it quiet with no people in the streets. Mounted guards were also patrolling the streets, but the group was able to avoid being spotted.
Anastriona led them to an abandoned house near the Shadowclock where they could keep a watch on the entrance. They watched for several hours. Eventually, one humanoid figure entered the tower, followed shortly after by two robed humanoids and a much larger figure covered in a tarp.
Back at the temple, the justices and city officials arrived to witness the questioning of Ironbriar. The questioning was only partially successful. The questions showed that Ironbriar was in charge of the cult committing the murders, but were not able to link Xanesha to Ironbriar and the murders or show that there was a plot to kill the mayor. Once the questioning was done, Eudonius sent Dirge back to Avel.
Once informed that the questioning was over, Anastriona, as a cat, was able to sneak back out of the district and inform Eudonius what the others had seen. Eudonius gathered four temple acolytes to assist the group and the six of them set back out to rejoin Avel, Eight, and Bety and attack the Shadowclock.

26 Lamashan, 4707 AR
In the middle of the night, everyone regrouped in the abandoned house outside of the Shadowclock. They approached the tower, but the main door was barred from the inside. Anastriona transformed into a spider and carried Bety into the tower through a hole in the wall. Once inside, they found a large tower with stairs making their way to the top of the tower. Above were four large bells.
On the floor below, there was a large table. A large form lay on top covered with a tarp. Nearby were four large jars filled with liquid containing metal plates with wires attached to whatever was underneath the tarp. Bety unbarred the door, allowing the rest of the group to enter.
As Avel, Eight, Eudonius, and the acolytes entered, the form on the table rose up, revealing a large flesh golem. As the group attacked the golem, two more shapeshifters attacked from the stairs. The group destroyed the jars of liquid which helped to weaken the flesh golem. Anastriona (1) and Eight (1) killed the two shapeshifters, while Eudonius destroyed the flesh golem. One of the acolytes was also slain during the fight.
After the fight was over, the Fighting Foxes began climbing up the stairs to the roof. As they climbed, the bells began to ring and then fell onto the group. Avel, Anastriona, and Bety were greatly injured as the collapsing bells knocked them from the stairs, but were quickly healed and the group climbed the remaining distance to the roof. Leaving the acolytes on the ground floor.
The adventurers climbed onto the roof and were attacked by a third shapeshifter and a blonde woman, presumably Xanesha. The shapeshifter was killed by Anastriona (2). Eight threw Xanesha from the roof, but she was able to survive the one-hundred and fifty foot fall. Eudonius, Bety, and Anastriona began rushing down the stairs, shouting at the acolytes to get Xanesha outside. Avel began levitating down the side of the tower, while Mark Eight just jumped off of the tower after Xanesha.
As everyone rushed to close in on Xanesha, Mark Eight and Avel began attacking her. Eight was able to cut her down with his glaive (2). The victory was short-lived, however, as after her human form was slain, her true form showed itself. The polymorph spell now gone, she rose up as a large, snakelike creature, wielding a large spear.
Everyone threw everything they had at the creature. Anastriona called down lighting, Eight and Bety attacked with everything they had, Avel threw every spell he could at her. Eudonius and the acolytes attacked just as hard, along with healing their allies’ wounds. The three remaining acolytes were killed by Xanesha. The brutal fight ended with Mark Eight again killing Xanesha (3). This time, she did not get back up, leaving the bruised and battered adventurers alone outside the Shadowclock.

Kill Count:
Mark Eight – 3 (39) – faceless stalker, Xanesha (polymorphed), Xanesha (true form)
Avel’lyatria – 0 (35) –
Bety – 0 (30) –
Eudonius – 1 (12) – flesh golem
Anastriona – 2 (14) – 2 faceless stalkers
Rufeinig – 0 (13) –
Elowen – 3 –
Varis – 6 –

Session 16 Recap
Iron Justice

24 Lamashan, 4707 AR
The Fighting Foxes left the Pediment Building and headed south through the city to the sawmill on the river. While they walked, they discussed their options. Bety told the group about a well-known adventuring company in the city called The Eyes of the Hawk and he thought they might be of some help. That group had won their renown by driving back spider-like monsters from under the Irespan about eighty years prior.
While the others went to begin investigating the sawmill, Mark Eight left to find out if The Eyes of the Hawk would be any help. Avel, Bety, Eudonius, and Anastriona continued to through the city. On the way, Bety overheard many rumors about a scarecrow wandering around the city at night. This reminded the halfling of an old nursery rhyme that greatly frightened him.
The group reached the island with the sawmill in the evening, with Bety jumping at any shadows. They found a nearby alleyway to observe the building for a while. Avel sent Dirge to fly around and scout the building. Most of the building seemed normal, but from a skylight on the roof, the familiar observed what looked like a small chapel.
They decided to observe the building for a while and make their move after dark. As they kept watch, Eight rejoined the group and gave them what little information he had found.
After night had fallen, Dirge scouted the building again. This time, there were figures in the chapel and a body on the table. They also saw three red-robed figures walk to the sawmill and enter. Another three individuals, seemingly dock workers, were standing around on the docks.
The adventurers decided to act quickly and followed the cultists through the side door. Hearing only loud machinery on the opposite side of the door and unable to pick the lock, Eight kicked the door open and the group rushed inside, attacking the cultists. Mark Eight (1) and Eudonius (1) threw two of the cultists into the machinery, then Eight cut down the other with his glaive (2).
With no other doors in this room, everyone went back outside to discover the dock workers had fled. They decided to climb to the roof and enter through the skylight. Once everyone was on the roof, they saw many cultists in the chapel and Justice Ironbriar approaching the body on the table with a dagger.
Bety quickly tied a rope around himself and gave the other end to Eudonius. Mark Eight shattered that glass and Bety jumped through, while Avel began levitating the victim out of reach. Unfortunately, the rope was cut by sharp edge and Bety fell onto the table in front of Ironbriar. The group immediately rushed to get Bety out, while fighting off the cultists. Avel hurled a fireball into the room, injuring many of the cultists. Ironbriar immediately ran into a small side room and threw something from the window. Avel tried to see what he had thrown, but could not see what it was in the darkness.
Once Bety and the victim were safe, Eight, Bety and Eudonius jumped into the room and began attacking Ironbriar and the cultists. Avel and Anastriona stayed on the roof providing support from above. The druid repeatedly called down lightning on the cultists, killing of them (4). During the fight, two of the cultists fled down the stairs. Eudonius called forth spiritual guardians to kill any enemies that got close to him. Bety cut down one of the cultists (1) and Eight killed another (3). Finally, Ironbriar fell to Eudonius’ spirit guardians (2).
The group quickly began to chase after those cultists that had fled. Anastriona dispatched another two cultists who were fleeing by boat (6) after Avel destroyed its rudder. Eudonius killed another with divine energy (3). Unfortunately, one of the cultists escaped.
Returning to the small chapel, the group began searching the room and Ironbriar’s body for any information. They found some arcane books, including one called Cyrpent’s Tane; Fairytales of the Eldest, as well as a ledger. Eudonius and Avel examined the altar and determined that it was to Norgorber, but seemed different, incorporating the sihedron and other Thassilonian runes into the design.
Inside the small room, they found a birdcage housing several birds. Ironbriar must have sent a message during the battle. Bety wrote a message, attempting to forge Ironbriar’s handwriting, saying that the justice was fine and the adventurers had been disposed of and sent it on a second bird. Anastriona was able to use a spell to see through the bird’s eyes as it traveled. The bird flew to a tower in Underbridge with four large bells, where the message was received by someone with blonde hair.
After looting everything, the Fighting Foxes gathered up the bodies of Ironbriar and the victim, who was alive but unconscious. The group hoped that questioning Ironbriar’s spirit would help to prove the group’s innocence and show the danger to the Lord-Mayor.
Once back at the Temple of Iomedae, the priests were able to restore the victim to consciousness. His name was Fairman. He had been in the Alabaster when he had been attacked by something big and strong. That was the last thing he had remembered and did not have any idea why he was taken. Talking with Tira Ronnova, she said that she would testify to our investigation and would be the one who questioned the body, so that the information gathered from the spell would not be questioned by the authorities.

Kill Count:
Mark Eight – 3 (39) –3 cultists
Avel’lyatria – 0 (35) –
Bety – 1 (30) – 1 cultist
Eudonius – 3 (11) – 2 cultists, Justice Ironbriar
Anastriona – 6 (13) – 6 cultists
Rufeinig – 0 (13) –
Elowen – 3 –
Varis – 6 –

Session 15 Recap
Old Friends are Lost

21 Lamashan, 4707 AR
Bety led the group closer, trying to talk to the now undead Aldern Foxglove. As they approached, they could make out claw and bite marks on the body of Rufeinig. Now near the center of the chamber, the adventurers noticed two ghasts near Aldern and three ghouls coming in from passageway that they had just entered.
Aldern, carrying a large razor, welcomed the group, but would not be reasoned with. He had wanted to use them to free him, but claimed to have found more power in this house. The undead creatures, led by Aldern, then surrounded and attacked the Fighting Foxes. The battle was hard fought and long, but eventually the adventurers vanquished their foes. Anastriona, in the form of a bear, killed two of the ghouls (2), Eudonius killed the third ghoul (1), the ghasts were killed by Anastriona (3) and Eight (1), while Avel slew Aldern Foxglove (1).
They composed themselves after the battle and checked the body of Rufeinig, confirming that their Shoanti friend was dead. The party was shaken by the loss of their friend and began preparing to transport the body, hoping to find a way to revive him. Bety wanted to take the body and leave, but the others convinced him that they needed to continue searching the manor before returning to town.
With the rest of the group searching the chamber, Avel examined the body of Aldern Foxglove. The bladesinger found a note on the body, implicating Aldern as an ally of the Brothers of Seven and mentioning a Sihedron Ritual targeting those with greed in their souls. A list of the victims for the ritual would be at his townhouse in Magnimar. It was signed by the Wanton of Nature’s Pagan Forms.
The group also found a laboratory off of the main cavern. Bety, the first into the room, immediately grabbed a seven-sided box on the table. As the others entered, they saw a vision of Vorel standing at the table and his wife approaching with the intent to kill him. The rest of the vision continued as Vorel attempted to put part of his soul in the box, but was rejected. His soul instead dissipated into the house itself. Avel and Anastriona were overcome by the vision and both struck out at Bety, believing him to be Vorel. Avel’s aim was true and Bety collapsed on the ground. Eudonius was able to quickly heal Bety and get the halfling back on his feet.
The group then returned to the main hall of the manor and attempted to leave. However, the door refused to open. As the began trying to force the door open, the ghost of Vorel appeared and attacked the party. The group was able to defeat the ghost with the bear Anastriona landing the final blow (4). The adventurers busted down the door and quickly ran from the house. As soon as they were free, Avel launched a fireball back into the house, setting it ablaze.
Sensing more ghouls and carrion birds all around them, the Fighting Foxes ran into the forest. The group fended off the undead as they ran and Eudonius called upon his deity to fend off the undead, brandishing his holy symbol. The holy light destroyed or turned the nearest undead, allowing them escape unscathed.

22 Lamashan, 4707 AR
The group stumbled back into Sandpoint early the next morning, carrying Rufeinig’s body and the stolen ranseur. They immediately took the body to the temple and woke Father Zantus to see if he could do anything to bring the barbarian back to life. While he couldn’t resurrect Rufeinig, he did cast a spell to preserve the body, giving the group more time to find a way to revive the Shoanti.
Leaving Rufeing at the temple, the group then visited Sheriff Belor at the garrison. They informed him of the barbarian’s death and of what had happened at the Foxglove Manor, identifying Aldern Foxglove as the murderer. They also told him about the involvement of Justice Ironbriar and learned that he was advised by a blonde woman, Xanesha. The adventurers then headed to the Rusty Dragon to rest until the morning.
After resting, the rest of the day was spent on various errands. The group wanted to get back to Magnimar soon, but wanted to take care of some things in Sandpoint first. Avel led the group to Sage to talk with Brodert Quint. The eladrin spoke to him briefly about fey and the ruins in the Mushfens, then Avel moved the conversation to the Sihedron Ritual. While they spoke, Eudonius found a book on Lamashtu, which detailed a ritual that took place on the new moon at the end of the month of Lamashan.
The group took care of a few more things in town and then rested for the evening. They would set out for Magnimar in the morning.

23 Lamashan, 4707 AR
The Fighting Foxes awoke the next morning and gathered their supplies for the trip back to Magnimar. Anastriona purchased her own horse to keep up with the others and then the adventurers set out. The trip was rather uneventful.

24 Lamashan, 4707 AR
The group arrived in Magnimar early on the morning of the 24th. The first visited the Temple to Iomedae where Eudonius asked Tira Ronnova about a means to resurrect Rufeinig. Unfortunately, she did not have that power and did not know of anyone who could revive the fallen barbarian.
The second order of business was to visit the Foxglove Manor and see if they could find the list of victims that was sent to Aldern. They knocked on the door, which was answered by a woman who matched the portrait of Iesha Foxglove. She invited them in and led them to the kitchen where they also met a living Aldern, who greeted the group kindly.
The group was instantly unnerved and on guard for treachery at this sight. During the brief conversation, Eudonius noticed that they seemed to be moving in odd manners. Unnerved and paranoid, Bety suddenly launched a spell at the two Foxgloves. Once attacked, they revealed their true monstrous forms. A brief battle took place in the cramped kitchen and the creatures were quickly defeated by Anastriona (5), as a bear, and Mark Eight (2).
After the fight, the group explored the manor, but found no other creatures. While searching a desk in the bedroom, they found a note to Aldern. The notes detailed the Sihedron Ritual and a list of names, some of which had been crossed off. Some of the names were recognized as some of the victims of the Skinsaw murders. Among the names that were not crossed off were Bety Regibold Cahrriyn Willflower the Third and Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras, the leader of Magnimar. The note also mentioned the Shadowclock, a tower in Underbridge, that was used for rituals and indicated that a sacrifice would take place there at the end of the month of Lamashan.
The group then decided to take this information to the Lord-Mayor and warned him that his life may be in danger. As they entered the Pediment Building and began asking for an appointment, they were surrounded by guards, attempting to arrest them on the order of Justice Ironbriar for the murders in the city. With some quick thinking, and dropping Tira Ronnova’s name, the group was able to talk their way out of being arrested and into a meeting with the Lord-Mayor.
In the Lord-Mayor’s office, the group showed revealed the notes that they had found and told the Lord-Mayor of their suspicions about Xanesha. Lord-Mayor Grobaras, along with his dwarven wizard advisor, did not believe the group’s suspicions and thought they were overreacting. Unable to convince the Lord-Mayor, the group left the Pediment Building. On their way out, one of the guards told them to check out the Seven’s Sawmill to investigate the murders.

Kill Count:
Mark Eight – 2 (36) – 1 ghast, 1 faceless stalker
Avel’lyatria – 1 (35) – Aldern Foxglove
Bety – 0 (29) –
Eudonius – 1 (8) – 1 ghoul
Anastriona – 5 (7) – 2 ghouls, 1 ghast, ghost of Vorel, 1 faceless stalker
Rufeinig – 0 (13) –
Elowen – 3 –
Varis – 6 –

Session 14 Recap
Who you gonna call?!

18-20 Lamashan, 4707 AR [The group reaches level 6].
The next morning, Bety found a note from Muldunor saying it would take several days for him to get the information about where the Skinsaw Cult was hiding out. Over the next few days, the group separated to take care of their own business while they waited.
Avel spent most of his time praying and studying at the Temple of Calistria, but also taught Eudonius how to brew healing potions and summoned a pseudodragon familiar, Dirge. Mark Eight spent the time working at a local blacksmith, improving his skill and making a little coin. Bety sent a message to his crew to update them on the situation and also followed Eight to learn from him. Eudonius spent the time in prayer at his own temple. After a couple of days, Rufeinig grew restless and decided to return to Sandpoint.

20 Lamashan, 4707 AR
On the evening of the 20th of Lamashan, as the group was returning to the Temple of Iomedae, they met a messenger from Muldunor. He informed the Fighting Foxes that the cult was not in the city, but were in a hideout to the east, between Magnimar and Sandpoint. They were being led by someone calling himself the Skinsaw Man.
After talking with the messenger, they then found Sheriff Belor waiting for them. The Shoanti looked exhausted, as if he hadn’t slept in many days. He informed the group that there had been trouble in Sandpoint lately. Murders matching the same description of those committed in Magnimar. The most recent victim had been a merchant’s guard and had been impaled on a glaive outside the Fighting Foxes’ house.
The Fighting Foxes were disturbed to hear of the latest trouble in Sandpoint. They quickly decided to leave Magnimar immediately. Belor, who was exhausted, would return in the morning. The group grabbed their horses and rode out of the north gate.

21 Lamashan, 4707 AR
They traveled hard, stopping only long enough to get a rest. As they got closer to Sandpoint, they noticed that the fields and farms seemed quiet and abandoned. At various points, carts were tipped over and abandoned on the road. Investigating one of the wagons, they found the harnesses that held the horses torn and covered with blood. They uneasily made their way back to town.
As the Fighting Foxes reached Sandpoint, they noticed that the guards were on edge. The few people on the streets wouldn’t make eye contact and gave the group a wide berth. Shortly after getting to town, a guard ran up and flagged them down. He immediately informed them that the guards had just found another murder.
The adventurers followed the guard to the lumber mill. He showed them in, but was hesitant to enter again. Inside two bodies were hung on the wall; one male and one female. The man had the seven-pointed star on his chest and his jaw was removed. The woman was mangled and bloody, but Bety could identify her as Katrine Vinder.
Avel studied the footprints on the ground and was able to piece together what had transpired. There had been a struggle between three individuals, one of which was barefooted. Studying the barefoot prints, Avel could also detect a scent of decay.
Eudonius pulled Katrine’s body off the wall and cast a spell to speak with her spirit. From the questions they asked, they were able to make out some of what had occurred. Katrine had come to meet Benny Harker, the other victim, for a midnight rendezvous. She stumbled upon a tall, hairless creature attacking Benny, so she grabbed an axe and struck the creature.
An elf woman then entered the mill, having been shown in by a guard. She introduced herself as Anastriona. She had felt an unnatural presence in town and come to investigate. She was dressed in hides and carried a bow and scimitar. They decided to accept her help.
The group found the axe that Katrine had hit the creature with. The blade had rotten flesh on it, but no blood. The decaying scent on the axe was so strong that it caused Avel to vomit. Eudonius mentioned that some undead, like ghasts or ghouls, emitted a powerful stench. These creatures retained some of their intelligent, but were still very bestial.
The newcomer, Anastriona, was able to follow the creature’s footprints from the lumber mill. The tracks led towards the river and then disappeared. They then decided to investigate their house on the north of town.
The body outside 21 Junk Street had been removed, but they could find where the glaive had been placed in the ground. Eight found a note on their door, while inside the house was completely empty of what little furniture they had. The note read, “I fear you. I hate you. You must fear and hate me as well. You may unmask me, so I must unmask you first.”
The house also had a strong scent. In order to track the scent, Anastriona showed her skills by transforming into a direwolf to track the scent. From the house, the trail led north to the sea, where it disappeared.
The Fighting Foxes’ new companion then led everyone back to the mill. They headed outside of town across the river from where the tracks disappeared and picked up the scent. Anastriona was able to follow the trail of the killer to the west and south of town, following the Lost Coast Road.
The group traveled along the road for a couple hours. As they walked along the road, they could hear sounds coming from a nearby cornfield. They readied themselves as three ghouls and flock of undead birds rushed towards the group.
Together, the Fighting Foxes and their new wolf ally, were able to vanguish the undead creatures. Bety slew one of the ghouls with his sabres (1), Eight destroyed the bird swarm (1), Anastriona mauled a second ghouls (1), and Eudonius crushed the final ghoul with his warhammer (1) as Avel blasted it with a firebolt.
After the undead creatures were dealt with, they continued following the trail of the murderer. They passed a swamp and continued along the Foxglove River. As they traveled into the evening and the sun began to descend in the sky, the terrain became rougher and they noticed that grass and foliage seemed to be dying. Anastriona was able to determine that this decay was caused by something unnatural.
Soon enough, the Fighting Foxes came to an old manor house sitting on the coast. The house itself was old, but appeared to have been repaired in some areas. Bety thought the manor might be The Misgivings, the old manor of the Foxglove manor.
Avel sent his familiar to scout the house and, upon seeing nothing suspicious, the adventurers approached the house. There was some rubble south of the house that appeared to have once been an old burnt down building and an old well. They found nothing in the building, but there seemed to be a path at the bottom of the well.
The group began discussing whether to enter by the well or the door. As they did, the druid noticed several creatures among the trees. As the group looked around, they could tell they were being surrounded by the undead birds and more ghouls in the wooded areas nearby. The group quickly decided to get inside the manor before it became dark and the undead emerged from their cover.
The Fighting Foxes avoided the main door and instead entered another door on the side of the house, entering into a ballroom. As the group entered and began to explore, the piano began to play and Avel began to start dancing. Through his eyes, he was dancing with a Varisian woman. As they danced, her skin began to melt away until she disappeared, weakening the eladrin as she did so. He explained what he had seen to the others, who were all unnerved by this.
Once Avel had recovered, they continued through a door and into a dark hallway. The group went further down the hallway, reaching an old washroom. They were attacked by two swarms of rats, but the creatures were quickly dispatched by Anastriona (2) and Avel’lyatria (1).
The group continued to explore the ground floor of the manor coming into the foyer. The walls were covered with stuffed creatures. In the middle of the room was a large, stuffed manticore. Upon entering, Bety heard a cry from somewhere in the house. Avel found a stain on the floor and began to examine it, for a moment, it appeared to be a swirling pattern lined with skulls and going down.
On the far side of the room was a dining room with four large windows. Above each window was a depiction of a creature; a kraken, a treant, a roc, and a sphinx. Each of them seemed to be coming out of or being pulled into the same seven-sided box.
Finding nothing else in the main entry way, the adventurers continued exploring the house. Entering a lounge, Anastriona and Mark Eight noticed the dust in the air being disturbed, almost as someone was pacing in the room. As he examined the dust, Eight heard a voice whisper, “Lori.” Looking at Bety, he felt a motherly, protective sensation and attempted to grab the halfling. Bety was able to avoid the grab and Mark Eight immediately snapped out of it. The name “Vorel” immediately came to Eight’s mind with the feeling that Eight meant to protect Bety from Vorel. Bety and Eight were able to piece together that Vorel was likely Aldern’s grandfather.
The group then returned to the main hall and went into another room, this one a sizeable library. Bety began examining the bookcases and Eight examined the fireplace. Avel felt a pull towards a chair in front of the fireplace. On the chair was a red and gold scarf and next to the chair was a journal. Upon examining the journal, Avel identified it as Aldern Foxglove’s.
The journal identified both Aldern and Justice Ironbriar as belonging to the Brothers of Seven. It also detailed him meeting a woman named Xanesha and acquiring a rat from this manor for her, Aldern possibly killing his wife for a suspected affair, and his addiction to flayleaf. It ended with an entry from the 25th of Rova in which he was delighted to find some adventurers who may be able to help him get free of the Brothers of Seven.
As Avel was showing them the journal, the scarf of the chair flew into the air and wrapped itself around the bladesinger’s neck. Avel could see a body on the floor with a head wound and the figure of Aldern holding the scarf. It quickly disappeared and Avel dropped to the floor.
The Fighting Foxes completed their search of the first floor and continued up the stairs in the main hall to the second floor. The first room they entered appeared to be a child’s bedroom. Eudonius sat on the bed. As he did so, he had the sensation that his parents were trying to kill each other and possibly him as well. He saw a vision of a woman wielding a torch and a man with a knife struggling against each other. In the cleric’s mind, he could tell the names of the parents were Vorel and Cassandra.
The group then entered the next bedroom, a guest room. As they did so, Anastriona felt an itch on her face and felt as though it was covered with tumors and sores. She began to scratch at her face, leaving a few bloody scratches. She had the feeling that Vorel was performing some dark ritual in the basement and she had come up here to protect a child.
Everyone then entered the master bedroom. On one wall was a picture of a Varisian woman. Bety went over and straightened the portrait. With nothing else in the room, they continued to the final room on the second floor.
They opened the room’s double doors and entered. Bety was immediately drawn towards the desk across the room. Bety reached for a sharp piece of wood off the desk, seeing it as a dagger. Picking it up, the halfling immediately shoved it into his throat. As he pulled the piece of wood out, blood spurted from the wound and the halfling fell to the floor, unconscious and dying. Everyone else reacted quickly, stabilizing him and then healing him with potions and spells. As he came to, Bety recognized the name Trayver, the name of Aldern’s father.
They left the final room to look for a hidden basement. As they walked by the room with the portrait, they noticed that more portraits were now on the walls. Each of the portraits showed a couple, sometimes with a child, and had a small plaque. One identified the those in the picture as Vorel and Cassandra with a child, Lori. Another was of Aldern and Iesha. The third was of Trayver and his wife with a young Aldern.
None of the other rooms appeared to have changed at all, so they started back down the stairs. As they neared the stairs, they could hear voices, possibly arguing, coming from below. Bety and Eudonius led them down. Upon reaching the bottom, the manticore appeared to come alive and breather a jet of fire at them. The others watched as Bety and Eudonius suddenly reacted to something they couldn’t see and Eudonius burst into flame. He was quickly put out, but the illusionary flames had burnt both Bety Eudonius.
As the rest of the group reached the first floor, they noticed a door behind the stairwell that hadn’t been there before. Eight broke through the doors and the group went down the stairs into a dark hallway.
The group then came to a small arcane study. Bety and Avel began examining the scrolls and writings on the desk and shelves. As Avel was at the desk, he was filled with memories of Trayver Foxglove traveling the world, looking for something. The arcane writings were for some kind of necromantic ritual, possibly to become a lich. It required ingredients from rocs, treants, sphinxes, and krakens.
Bety and Eight then heard the sound of bare feet coming from the next hallway. Eight immediately threw a javelin into the hall, but only hit the far wall. Nervously, they continued down the hallway, leaving the worked stone to a more natural cave. As they did so, they passed through an area covered by a yellow mold. Walking through, they breathed in the mold spores, causing several of them to become slightly exhausted.
They continued on until they found a large natural cavern with a pool of water in the middle. As they entered, they could hear footprints coming from the main hall above. On the far side of the pool was an altar with a figure in a blue jacket standing over it. Behind the altar, they saw the ranseur and the furniture from 21 Junk Street. On the altar was the dead body of Rufeinig. The figure in the blue coat turned around and Bety, Avel, and Eight recognized the face of Aldern Foxglove, although it appeared more gaunt. Aldern looked at the three adventurers he hired and smiled.

Kill Count:
Mark Eight – 1 (34) – 1 carrion bird swarm
Avel’lyatria – 1 (34) – 1 rat swarm
Bety – 1 (29) – 1 ghoul
Eudonius – 1 (7) – 1 ghoul
Anastriona – 2 – 1 ghoul, 1 rat swarm
Rufeinig – 0 (13) –
Elowen – 3 –
Varis – 6 –

Session 13 Recap
An Unexpected Ally

16 Lamashan, 4707 AR
The Fighting Foxes ran through the alley towards the main road with cultists following behind. Rufeinig slipped on some loose gravel, but Avel helped him back up and they continued running. Eudonius led them through side alleys to attempt to lose their pursuit.
As they continued on, they could hear the sound of horses riding along the main road, along with other cultists searching for them. They climbed over a fence to find they were on the back side of a barricade that the cultists had set up. They were fired upon from the roofs by the cultists, but were able to escape onto the main road and run away from the barricade and the docks.
Behind them, they could hear the barricade being moved to allow the horsemen to follow. They could also hear the air elemental somewhere above them. In order to avoid the elemental, Eudonius and Eight were able to find a sewer grate in a nearby alley. The two of them were able to grating open and everyone dropped into the sewers.
The group made their way down a side tunnel until they reached a barred gate. As they were bunkered down, they remembered that the cultists’ masks were able to track fresh blood, so they attempted to staunch their wounds and clean up the blood on their clothes.
They decided to continue on through the gate, but it was bolted to the walls. Bety cast a silence spell around the gate to stop any noise while Eight and Eudonius pulled the gate free. Once everyone was past the gate, they replaced it to hide their tracks.
Avel, Bety, Eudonius, Eight, and Rufeinig kept making their way through the sewers, barely avoiding some slimes along the walls of one tunnel, until they reached a small reservoir. There was a tunnel that led upwards, so they followed it. At the top, they came to another grating back to the street level. Right outside were two cultists on horses, which was joined shortly by the air elemental.
Avel informed them that the elemental would soon reach the end of its summoning, so the group decided to wait until it was dispelled. As they waited, they could hear the two cultists talking. They began discussing what their plans, mentioning that they were trying to overthrow Muldunor. Apparently, a new high priestess named Xanesha, had recently come to town and taken over the cult and may be controlling their current high priest. Muldunor had also taken on a new magic user advisor that was controlling the crime boss and was some sort of strange creature, not of any race known to the cultist.
After the elemental vanished, one of the cultists became sick of standing guard and headed out to scout around. Using Bety’s magical silence, the group jumped from the sewers and quickly attacked the remaining cultist. Eudonius grabbed the horse, Eight pulled him down, and Bety, with help from Rufeinig, killed him (1).
With the cultist dealt with and being on the edge of the docks district, they were able to finally escape their pursuers. Once out of Dockway, the Fighting Foxes headed directly to the temple of Iomedae, where they rested for the night.

17 Lamashan, 4707 AR
The next morning, they discussed what they had learned and examined the robes taken from the last cultist they killed the night before. The robes had many depictions of Norgorber, but also had Thassilonian runes, similar to the ones they had seen in Thistletop. Runes associated with the old Thassilonian region of Shalast.
While discussing their recent findings, Avel also told the others about the vision he had the other night. Of the most concern, was the thought that Aldern Foxglove may be dead. His vision, combined with what they had found at the Foxglove manor, had convinced the elf that something had happened to the group’s benefactor.
The group decided to track down Muldunor and attempt to enlist his help in dealing with the Skinsaw cult. Mark Eight, being used to tracking down people in large cities, was able to track down one of Muldunor’s hideouts in Beacon’s Point. The group grabbed the cask of golden raspberry ale and took it with them to the hideout.
Bety, disguised with a large mustache and a bad Varisian accent, was able to get them inside. After waiting around some time inside, they were able to see several lieutenants. When Bety showed them the weapons and mask from the cultists and asked to see Muldunor, the head lieutenant, Olisef, became very open to talking to them.
Olisef informed them of Muldunor’s recent activities. Ever since he had taken the mage as an advisor several months ago, he had been acting oddly and not involved in the running of the organization. He and the other officers had been trying to hold the group together. But he would allow the group to talk to speak with Muldunor.
The lieutenant led the group through a secret door and into some underground tunnels until they reached an underground city. He continued until they reached Muldunor’s chambers, where he showed them in.
They entered Muldunor’s chamber. It was filled with smoke and they walked onto a large elevated wooden platform. Muldunor sat on a large chair with the strange mage next to him, his face covered in wrappings. Two other guards flanked the platform upon which he sat. Bety was able to convince him they were looking for work. Muldunor wanted them to get a ship, The Pearl Owlbear. He needed a ship for a journey.
The whole time they spoke with him, Muldunor was acting strangely. He repeated himself often and wouldn’t elaborate more on his plans for the ship. Avel tried to discern if he was being controlled magically. The elf could determine that he was obviously being controlled, but not by any magical means. It could have been a psychic connection.
The party hesitantly agreed to get the ship for the time being and went back outside. The met with Olisef again and told them about their discussion. The lieutenant asked them to take care of the mage to release Muldunor from the its influence. They agreed and gave Olisef the ale to keep anyone from joining the fight. Then they discussed their strategy before going back in.
Bety began talking while the others got into position, then cast a blindess spell on the mage. The mage shrugged it off and immediately hit a button, dropping part of the platform into a large hole. Almost everyone was able to catch themselves, but Eudonius tumbled into the pit. As he lay on the ground, a gibbering mouther emerged and attacked him.
Rufeinig, Eight, and Bety engaged the guards and mage, while Avel levitated Eudonius out of the pit. During the fight, Muldunor sat dumbstruck on his chair. As they fought, the wraps covering the mage fell off, revealing a grotesque, inhuman face with tentacles. Eventually, both of the guards were killed by Rufeinig (2), while Avel dealt the killing blow to the mage with rapier (1).
As the battle concluded, Bety and Eudonius checked on Muldunor. They soon found some sort of insectoid creature on the back of his neck. They removed the creature, which seemed to be dead. As Avel and Eudonius examined it, they determined that it and the mage were some sort of alien creature from the far realm or some other plane.
Bety then tied up Muldunor and shoved him into the chair. After a few moments, Muldunor regained consciousness. He told the party what he could remember, but it was mostly vague. The mage creature was far from where it came from and wanted to return. It needed to find a ship that was tied to emotion and hope in order to travel the plane of dreams to get home.
He also remembered about the Skinsaw Cult. Muldunor was also a follower of Norgorber, but preferred to remain secretive in his dealings, while the cult had been more visible. They were also trying to overthrow Muldunor and were the group that was threatening Eudonius’ family. The crime lord offered to give the Fighting Foxes the location of the cult if they would destroy it. In return, he would give them The Pearl Owlbear and drop the charges against the captain.
The group agreed to help Muldunor. They untied him as Olisef and some guards entered the room. They were thankful that their boss was free from the mage’s influence. The lieutenant then led the group back out of the complex and onto the streets of Beacon’s Point. As it was well past midnight, the Fighting Foxes quickly found an inn to avoid being caught after curfew and rested for the night.

Kill Count:
Mark Eight – 0 (33) –
Avel’lyatria – 1 (33) – 1 aberration mage
Bety – 1 (28) – 1 cultist
Eudonius – 0 (6) –
Rufeinig – 2 (13) – 2 guards
Elowen – 3 –
Varis – 6 –

Session 12 Recap
CSI: Magnimar

13 Lamashan, 4707 AR
The group, with their prisoner, started back to the upper districts. Eudonius suggested taking him there because he didn’t trust Justice Ironbriar and knew that the priests of his temple would support them for the moment. Bety, of course, used the gathered crowd to proclaim the glory of the Fighting Foxes to some effect. In an effort to confuse any accomplices, Avel also loudly proclaimed that they were taking him to Justice Ironbriar.
The Fighting Foxes safely made it through town and back to the temple of Iomedae. Once inside, they found the chaplain, Tira Ronnova. She led them to a cell containing a cage inside a binding circle. The chaplain began using her divine connection to learn more about the cult, while the rest of the group began examining the masks and weapons looted from the cultists.
Avel’lyatria began examining the mask, casting a spell to determine the enchantments present on the item. There were several evil and dark enchantments making its wearer more deadly and dangerous. Among them, there was an enchantment that made blood more visible, allowing them to easily track wounded victims. The curved razors that the cultists used were not magical, but were still deadly weapons.
After a while, Chaplain Ronnova returned to the group. She had confirmed much of what the cultist had told the Fighting Foxes on their first interrogation, that the cultist was a priest of Norgorber and they were responsible for the murders. The cult was very connected to many enterprises in the city. Additionally, the cult seemed to be cultivating some sort of weapon and moving with the city’s waterways. There was someone very powerful within the cult, but he did not seem to be the one in charge.
The chaplain asked Eudonius and the Fighting Foxes to further investigate this cult. She wanted to learn more about them so that the group could be removed with the help of the city’s government. They readily agreed to her request. They also asked Tira Ronnova to destroy all but one of the masks taken from the cultist, which she agreed to.
The first order of business for the Fighting Foxes was to investigate the abandoned Kaijitsu manor that they had seen earlier. On the way there, they passed a town crier. He proclaimed that there was a curfew for Beacon’s Point between 10 pm and 8 am, as well as a safety advisory for Dockway after dark. The crier also declared that there had been another murder of a nobleman in north Naos within the last few days. Bety questioned him about the murder and found out where it had taken place.
They continued onto the Kaijitsu manor. They group was worried that Tsuto and his group may be using the villa as a hideout. They cautiously made their way through the large derelict building, but only found squatters. The group cleared the building and, finding nothing, decided to leave it as is. If necessary, they could use the building for their own hideout if something went wrong for them at some point.
It was getting late into the evening once the group had finished their business in the Kaijitsu manor. They decided to call it a night and continue their investigation in the morning. They returned to the temple of Iomedae and rested for the night.

14 Lamashan, 4707 AR
Avel spent the night meditating on his sword since he had discovered its transformation that morning. As he did so, he had another vision.
The eladrin slipped into a darkness that cleared as he opened his eyes. Avel was in the Sanos Forest walking along the trails with his younger brother with his long silver hair. The two spoke until they reached the edge of the forest, seeing Magnimar in the distance, much closer than it should be. They found a body on the ground, which Avel recognized as Aldern Foxglove. He had a seven pointed star carved into his chest.
His brother spoke up saying, “Such a shame. He could have been such a great help. So many souls now and so many more to come. We must not stay here too long.”
With that, Avel’s younger brother took his hand and led him away. They continued on until they found a marsh. They reached a flooded town, bodies floating in the water. On the far side of the village, Avel saw a shadow above, which he saw was a legendary dragon overhead.
Then, he was among a series of statues depicting both acts of kindness and images of war. At the base of one statue was a Thassilonian star with runes at the points. The statue was of a metal mage, made of some rare material. The statue then came to life and raised his staff and pointed it to Avel and his older brother. Both were then blasted from reality.
Avel’s older brother looked at him and pulled a tentacle from the side of his head. “You should be very careful with these. They’re not very good for you. They’ll find you when you sleep. Just stay away from them if you can. Don’t worry, I’m here to help.”
The bladesinger then awoke in the temple, staring at his sword. He could feel a new power coming from his rapier. He then joined his companions as they began getting ready for the day. As the group was getting ready to head out, Bety noticed the changes in Avel’s rapier and asked him about it. Avel answered truthfully, that it had happened after their visit to the ruins in the Mushfens.
The Fighting Foxes then set off to investigate the latest murder. As they passed through the city, Mark Eight noticed an abandoned manor with a sign marking it as belonging to the Foxglove family. He pointed it out to the others, but they decided to continue on with their investigation.
Eventually, they were able to find the manor of the last murder victim. Bety was able to convince the guards to let them in. They discovered evidence of an altercation in the master bedroom, but no blood was present. It appeared that the window had been forced open.
Bety found the wife’s diary in the bedroom and began thumbing through the latest entries. It seemed that the family had been doing very well recently and she hoped her husband wasn’t involved in anything illegal.
Avel, who had cast a spell to detect magic, began searching for traces of magic throughout the house. The only thing he detected was traces of illusion magic that had been cast in the bedroom.
Eight and Eudonius began questioning the guards, while Rufeinig began searching outside for tracks. Rufeinig found tracks from robed humanoids and evidence of something being dragged away. Eight asked the guards about the abandoned Foxglove estate. They said that it had been abandoned for months and Aldern and his wife Iesha hadn’t been seen in the city for months.
The guards also told them that he suspected the body had been taken and had been found in Dockway around the area that the suspicious figures had been seen. The body had been identified as part of the Maldenseth family by the night robes he was wearing. Nothing else seemed to be missing from the house. His wife wasn’t in town and was possibly visiting family in Korvosa. The guards suggested they talk to Khet Igerson in Dockway about the figures.
The group then headed to the Merchants’ Guild to talk to Khet Igerson. They were able to get a meeting with the head of the Merchants’ Guild, who seemed happy to answer their questions. Khet confirmed that many strange figures had been seen around Dockway, but few of the murders had occurred in the district. Additionally, many shipments had been disrupted in the district and fewer people wanted to dock nearby.
Khet told them that someone had been trading with ships from Ilizmagorti. Someone had been shipping something out to those ships. Before the ships would arrive in the city, some docks would be reserved for the Seven’s Sawmill. These dates coincided with the dates that people would see the strange figures. There were reservations for tonight and the next three nights.
The merchant also told them that he had received a letter this morning reserving the docks. It was a request for the reservations and was signed with a strange seal. But the seal contained an “SS” and a “7” in the seal. Further questioning from Eudonius indicated that there were rumors of a church of Norgorber in the area, as well.
The group finished their questioning and returned to the main area of the merchants’ guild. They spent some time shopping around before leaving to scout out the docks. Bety found an ornate Taldane breastplate, Eudonius bought a morningstar, and Avel purchased an ornate Gebbite scabbard for his rapier as well as an alchemical formula.
With their business concluded, the group decided to head down to the docks and find a vantage point to observe the docks and, hopefully, get a glimpse of the mysterious figures. They found the middle dock that had been reserved and found a nearby alleyway to observe from. Bety and Mark Eight decided to hide in boxes closer to the docks, while the others watched from further away.
The Fighting Foxes waited about two hours before seeing something. Eventually, they spotted a cultist approach the docks, and then a small boat approached the shore. Another cultist arrived shortly after. The first cultist was carrying some sort of long package.
After observing them for a short while, Mark Eight and Bety jumped from their hiding places and engaged the cultists on the dock. Eudonius immediately jumped onto the boat to prevent it from escaping. As they rushed the group on the dock, two more cultists rushed in from the opposite direction, then a fencer with three guard dogs attacked the group from behind.
The cultist carrying the package threw it onto the boat where it broke releasing a puff of smoke. Blasting a couple of spells, Avel killed one of the new cultists (1) and one of the dogs (2). Rufeinig finished off the other cultist (1), while Bety engaged the fencer and dogs. Eight was also able to kill one of the dogs (1).
As they fought, more cultists rushed onto the scene, accompanied by a mage and an air elemental. The Fighting Foxes were forced to retreat, with Avel’lyatria summoning an earth elemental to cover their retreat. Bety killed another dog as they ran (1). They were able to rush into the alley and start making their way from the docks and back into town.

Kill Count:
Mark Eight – 1 (33) – 1 guard dog
Avel’lyatria – 2 (32) – 1 cultist, 1 guard dog
Bety – 1 (27) – 1 guard dog
Eudonius – 0 (6) –
Rufeinig – 1 (11) – 1 cultist
Elowen – 3 –
Varis – 6 –

Session 11 Recap
Raspberries and Murder

11 Lamashan, 4707 AR
Outside of Sandpoint, Mark Eight emerged from a tree from his mission away from the Fighting Foxes. He had been summoned by Shalelu to help her hunt down and kill Bruthazmus once and for all. They had been successful and the bugbear ranger had finally been defeated. He had found some notes and treasure, including a magic javelin, as well during his mission. The notes mentioned people that Nualia worked with a group in Magnimar, possibly called the Brothers. Also, they indicated that someone, “The Lady,” possibly worked in a high position in the government of Magnimar.
Eight made his way into the town and back to 21 Junk Street. Finding the house empty, the barbarian then went to the Rusty Dragon. At the inn, Ameiko informed him that Avel and Bety had left a few days prior and were in Magnimar. He also checked out the bounty board. There was a retraction for the bounty on Orik Vancaskerkin and a new bounty for a half elf cleric of Iomedae last seen in Magnimar.
At the town guard garrison, Rufeinig had also returned to Sandpoint. He met with Sheriff Belor, who told him that only Mark Eight was in town at the moment. Rufeinig tracked down Eight and told the construct that Avel and Bety were in Magnimar and were waiting for Eight to meet them there. The two barbarians decided to travel to Magnimar together, discussing the finer points of battle strategies along the way.

12 Lamashan, 4707 AR
Back in Magnimar, Avel, Eudonius, and Bety rested at the Pathfinder Lodge. They awoke in the afternoon and grabbed a late lunch in the dining hall of the Heidmarch estate. While they were deciding what to do next, Eight and Rufeinig reunited with them. With the Fighting Foxes back together, plus two friends, they decided to take care of some errands around town after catching up on their separate adventures.
Avel’lyatria purchased a few books and visited the Temple of Calistria, wanting to learn more about the worship of the Savored Sting. After that, Bety led the Fighting Foxes to the impound yard to investigate The Pearl Owlbear.
The ship was empty of cargo. The crew bunks were abandoned. In the captain’s quarters, they found several papers and journals. Bety learned that the ship’s title had been acquired by Muldunor. Muldunor was also plotting to throw the captain into The Hells, the city’s prison. The notes also mentioned that there was a cleric of Iomedae whose family had gotten on the wrong side of Muldunor and who could be an ally.
As the Fighting Foxes were leaving the impound yard, they were warned by the harbormaster to stay out of the docks district after dark. Lately, there had been several sightings and rumors of people doing business after dark. The whole district was now dangerous after the sun set. Additionally, there had been several murders in the city recently.
The Fighting Foxes ate dinner at the Fancy Reefclaw and discussed their next move to free Bety’s ship and the crew. They needed to get to Muldunor in order to help both Bety’s crew and Eudonius’ family. Golliver Haskinswurth gave Eudonius a letter from one of the twins. In it, she told him that several of the documents against the captain were falsified. The tavernkeeper informed them that the Golden Raspberry Ale would be a good way to get in contact with Muldunor’s men.
The group decided to call it a night and to visit the Mushfens tomorrow to gather golden raspberries for Eudonius. The cleric led them to the temple of Iomedae to rest for the night.
13 Lamashan, 4707 AR*
The next morning the group set off towards the Mushfens. They rode out from the south gate. The journey was uneventful for most of the morning. In the swamps, they eventually had to leave their horses in order to venture further into the swamps. As they continued on, they eventually passed a large tree that Avel was able to identify as from being an old elven tree from before Earthfall.
The adventurers eventually ran across a narrow path that led to a ruined temple with a large crop of golden raspberry bushes. Bety and Eudonius picked several pounds of raspberries, while Avel, Eight, and Rufeinig entered the ruined temple. The inner walls of the temple were decorated with pictograms and a large portion was submerged under water.
The pictures depicted a story of sleeping figures being influenced by some creature. The creature can’t interact with this world fully, but was shown inserting tentacles while the creatures slept. They also depicted a group that was trying to bring the creature into this world. To oppose this creature, a powerful fey lord came to the aid of the sleepers. This fey gave them a powerful sword to destroy the agents of the insidious creature. Minions of the creature would often come back to try to bring the creature back into this world, but were always beaten by someone carrying the sword.
Mark Eight was able to explore the flooded portion of the temple and found a slot similar to the one in the temple east of Sandpoint. The one that Avel had inserted his rapier into. When he reported it to the others, Avel gave him the sword to insert into the slot. Eight returned to the flooded room and did as he was asked. The sword glowed briefly and then stopped. When he returned the rapier to Avel, the bladesinger could tell that the sword had changed and lost some of its power.
Soon after Eight had surfaced, the water started rising in and around the ruins. The group quickly started back across the narrow path, which proved difficult with the rising waters. It was made even more difficult by the arrival of two will-o-wisps. The creatures began attacking the group as they crossed back to more stable ground. The adventurers defended themselves as best they could while still fleeing. Once they had safely reached firmer ground, they wisps fled.
Battered from the fight, the group made their way back to the camp with their horses. The group decided to stay the night there and return to Magnimar in the morning. They settled down for the evening with Bety casting a spell to protect their campsite.

14 Lamashan, 4707 AR
The next morning, everyone ate a quick breakfast and packed up their supplies before saddling their horses are riding back to Magnimar. Once they reached the city, they returned immediately to the Fancy Reefclaw. Golliver paid them for the golden raspberries and gave them a barrel of the Golden Raspberry Ale to help Eudonius get close to Muldunor and save his family. Golliver told the group that Muldunor’s men had been spotted making deals in the dock district at night.
As the group celebrated their successful mission with drinks and lunch, talk turned to current events in the city. Golliver shared with them that there had been several murders in the city recently. The murders had started under the Irespan and moved towards richer districts. The first victims were loan sharks and gamblers, but now richer merchants had been targeted as well. All of the victims had a seven-pointed start carved into their chests and their faces removed. Upon asking, they learned that Justice Ironbriar was in charge of the investigation.
The Fighting Foxes filled in the other two with what they knew of the seven-pointed star and the Thassilonian Empire and their exploits in the shrines under Sandpoint and Thistletop. With this information, everyone agreed that investigating the murders was important and should be their next objective.
The group of adventurers set out to Pediment Building to talk to Justice Ironbriar about the murders. On the way there, Rufeinig noticed several red robed figures following them. When he pointed them out, Eudonius confirmed that those were the people who have been harassing his family.
When they reached the Pediment Building, Bety went off to try to contest ownership of The Pearl Owlbear, while the others went to talk to Justice Ironbriar. The Justice was happy to accept their help and gave them more information about the murders. He suggested they start at the Underbridge district, as that was where the first murders occurred. There were also rumors of a group operating out of Lowcleft.
As far as anyone could tell, the victims were randomly chosen with nothing to connect them and no witnesses to the crimes. The adventurers asked about both Muldunor and the red robed figures. The justice claimed not to know anything, but Eudonius was able to tell that he wasn’t being truthful about the red robed figures.
Avel, Eudonius, Eight, and Rufeinig met Bety in the lobby. The halfling had been unable to talk to anyone about the ownership of the ship and had just avoided being thrown in jail after trying to barge into the courtroom while the others were talking to Justice Ironbriar.
The group returned to the temple of Iomedae and settled down for the evening. The next day Bety wanted to visit the House of Lords to try to contest ownership of The Pearl Owlbear. Of more importance, there were also the murders to investigate.
15 Lamashan, 4707 AR*
When Avel awoke the next morning, he noticed that his sword had changed. The hilt and guard was more ornate than it had been the previous day. With this in mind, he joined the others as they followed Bety to the House of Lords.
Unfortunately, Bety was unable to prove that he owned The Pearl Owlbear. The Fighting Foxes then set out to investigate the sites of the murders. The body had been found in the sea under the Irespan. Since the body had been found over a month ago, there was little evidence still present at the murder site. With that, the group set off towards the second murder site.
They followed the directions given to them by Justice Ironbriar, walking into an abandoned alley in a poor. As they reached the dead end, four red robed figures emerged behind them. The Fighting Foxes spotted them and Bety tried talking to them, but without a word, the figures attacked.
The resulting battle was intense and the Fighting Foxes were badly wounded by the spells of two of the cultists. Bety was almost killed by one of the assassins before being saved by Eudonius. The cultists were finally killed by Mark Eight (1) and Rufeinig (2).
The final cultist was captured by Bety and Mark Eight and was questioned by the Fighting Foxes. He informed them that his order was called the Brothers of Seven and were behind the recent murders in Magnimar. Their order worshipped Father Skinsaw, an aspect of Norgorber, the god of secrets and murder. This group had been sent to find and kill Eudonius. The worshippers of Norgorber had small groups of cults throughout the city. Muldunor had worked with them before, but were now working against him.
Once Bety had finished questioning the captured, they tied him up and led him from the alley. The others gathered up the masks from all the assailants and searched the bodies for anything of interested. Finding nothing important, they pushed through the crowd that had gathered leading their prisoner away.

Kill Count:
Mark Eight – 1 (32) – 1 cultist
Avel’lyatria – 0 (30) –
Bety – 0 (26) –
Eudonius – 0 (6) –
Rufeinig – 2 (10) – 2 cultists
Elowen – 3 –
Varis – 6 –

Session 10 Recap
The Nightmarch of Kalkamedes

9 Lamashan, 4707 AR

The Fighting Foxes spent the rest of the day with some errands and relaxation. Bety created some spell scrolls and Avel brewed some potions. After the long day, the group settled down for the night in their new house.

10 Lamashan, 4707 AR
As Avel’lyatria and Bety awoke the next morning, they noticed that Mark Eight was missing. They found a note on the door saying that Eight had left town to assist Shalelu with something and would be back as soon as possible. They were concerned about their friend, but couldn’t do anything to track down their friend, so they decided to go see Madam Mvashti.
On the southern road into town, a lone half-elf figure approached the bridge into town, passing by the same welcome sign that Avel’lyatria had passed when he first arrived a few weeks previously. He made his way into town and to the Rusty Dragon. Inside, the half-elf sat down at the bar and ordered a drink. He began talking to Bethanna and said he was looking for a halfling, Bety Regibold Cahrriyn Willflower III.
Back across town, Bety and Avel entered Madam Mvashti’s house and were directed into her chambers. Bety asked her if she knew Nualia and Mvashti said she did not, but that she suspected that someone close to the town was involved. The old witch prophesied that it would be some time before the group saw Nualia, but they would see her in Sandpoint. Additionally, she sensed a mystery in the town. Looking at Bety, she told him that there was someone looking for him. She then gave them gifts to help them and said it wouldn’t be the last time they saw her today.
As Avel and Bety left Madam Mvashti’s study, they noticed a well-dressed, beautiful human woman waiting to see the old witch. She was armed with a shortsword, along with some scrolls and a spellbook. Bety immediately introduced himself to the woman, who introduced herself as Sheila Heidmarch. She then excused herself and entered Madam Mvashti’s study.
The two adventurers then headed to the Rusty Dragon. As they sat and ordered breakfast, Bethanna informed them that the half elf at the end of the bar was looking for Bety. Eventually, they confronted the half-elf and asked why he was looking for Bety. The half-elf said that he knew some of Bety’s old crew, two twins, and that his captain was in trouble in the city of Magnimar. He also showed a piece of the mast of The Pearl Owlbear to prove his story. The twins had found Eudonius and told him that if he could find Bety, they would be able to help him with his problem.
Bety immediately set off out the door and the others followed. The half-elf asked Bety if he knew a Muldunor. Bety immediately started at that. The half-elf introduced himself as Eudonius and told them that Muldunor has been harassing his family. Avel and Bety got their horses and found a rental horse for Eudonius to take.
Before they could leave town, Sheriff Belor approached and flagged them down. He told them that Sheila Heidmarch was asking for them at the town hall. They followed the sheriff to the mayor’s office. Inside was the mayor, Sheila, and two other Pathfinders.
Sheila immediately begin discussing her problem. A Pathfinder near Korvosa, Kalkamedes, had come in contact with a Thassilonian artifact or ruin and had been cursed. Every night he would sleep walk towards an unknown destination. He would often hurt himself as he traveled or as people would try to subdue him. She wanted the Fighting Foxes to instead escort him to wherever he was traveling towards and keep him safe. Because all of her Pathfinders were currently on assignment, she decided to look to other adventurers and was directed to the Fighting Foxes by Madame Mvashti. The Fighting Foxes accepted the job and told Sheila that they would meet her at the Pathfinder Lodge in Magnimar.
The group left the town hall and bid the sheriff and mayor farewell. Avel’lyatria told Belor to have Eight meet them at the Pathfinder Lodge when he returned to town. With that, everyone mounted up and rode out of town towards Magnimar.
The group rode well into the night, making it about most of the way to Magnimar before finally stopping for the night. They set up camp and settled down for the night. As they sat around the campfire, Bety related his tale about he got on the bad side of Muldunor. The crime boss had hired Bety’s crew to hunt down a kraken and get an organ from it said to be able to control lightning.
The crew found a kraken, but wasn’t able to slay the mighty beast. Instead, The Pearl Owlbear was badly damaged, its main mast destroyed. They were able to get to Bety’s home and chopped down the large tree on his family’s property to replace the ship’s main mast. When they finally got back to Magnimar, the captain said he would deal with Muldunor and Bety never saw the crime boss again.

11 Lamashan, 4707 AR
Soon after dawn, Bety, Avel, and Eudonius packed up camp and set off towards the city. They reached Magnimar after a few more hours of traveling. Avel, who had been raised in the Sanos Forest, was amazed by the size of the city.
The adventurers made their way through the city, past the many monuments, towards The Fancy Reefclaw, a tavern in the lowcleft district. Once inside, they were greeted by the manager, Golliver Haskinswurth. The tavernkeeper told the group that he had not seen the twins in some time. He also asked Eudonius if he had procured the items for a special ale, some golden raspberries from the Mushfens.
With no luck finding any of Bety’s crew at the Fancy Reefclaw, they immediately left and headed to Dock’s Way to search for The Pearl Owlbear. They searched for a few hours until they found a harbormaster who told them that the ship had been abandoned for three months and been impounded. The ship would be auctioned off in about one month. If Bety wanted to contest ownership, he would have to visit the House of Lords.
Defeated and out of ideas, the three adventurers decided to visit the Pathfinder Lodge to help out Sheila Heidmarch. They easily found the manor and were allowed inside and met with the Venture-Captain in the large lobby. Avel, Bety, and Eudonius informed her that they would accept her job.
The Pathfinder led the group down to the basement to a room with many alcoves. They stopped in front of one, which was labeled West Fenwall Mountains. Sheila pulled out a stone and the alcove turned into a portal. She gave the stone to the Bety and the three adventurers stepped through.
On the other side of the portal, the group, now near Korvosa, appeared in a small cabin. Bety and Avel were sickened by the sudden travel, but Eudonius seemed to shrug it off. Inside, they met a caretaker who led them from the cabin through a forest to Kalkamedes’ cabin. The old Pathfinder filled everyone in on what had been going on. They settled down for the evening to get some rest before Kalkamedes started sleep walking.

12 Lamashan, 4707 AR
Late that night, Avel, Bety, and Eudonius were awakened by Avel’s alarm spell on the door, letting them know that Kalkamedes had started sleepwalking. They quickly grabbed their gear and Avel picked up the Pathfinder’s sword and equipment as well, and rushed out the door to follow Kalkamedes.
They followed him for a few hours as Kalkamedes walked north towards his unknown destination. Avel, Bety, and Eudonius followed him closely, steering him around a dense briar patch. They then came to a lake, which Kalkamedes tried to start walking across. They were able to cast a waterbreathing spell on him and met him on the opposite bank. After the lake, they continued up into the mountains until the came to a small chasm. Using some more spells and ingenuity, the group was able to safely cross the chasm and continue following the pathfinder.
The continued on through the mountain path until they were attacked by some bandits. The bandits rushed in from three sides, partially surrounding the adventurers. Green flame wreathing his blade, Avel slew one of the thugs (1). Eudonius killed two (2) with his mace, while casting healing spells and Bety slew three (3) with his twin sabres.
Once the battle was over, the group quickly healed up with a spell from Eudonius and looted the bodies and the bandits’ camp. They quickly caught back up to Kalkamedes, who had continued walking undisturbed during the fight. After walking for some time, they came to an old Thassilonian structure.
The Fighting Foxes entered cautiously. Continuing in through a hallway, they discovered an entry room. Inside was a statue of a man with a wand which was pointed towards a second door across the room. Kalkamedes walked to the door and tried to open it. When he was unable to push the door open, he stood in front of the door, waiting. An inscription on the statue read, “Enter the Black Edifice, locus of the thrall keeper, servants of the Runelord.” A second inscription on the statue’s arm read, “Those that would dare believe they are strong enough to oppose us, shall learn that their strength is their weakness and our weakness is our strength.” Deciphering the riddle, the group was able to finally open the door by pushing lightly on the door.
The continued through the door and found an old elevator. Following Kalkamedes’ lead, they took the elevator down to a lower floor. The elevator opened to a natural tunnel that continued on. At the end of the tunnel, the group found a large natural cavern with three smaller alcoves. Kalkamedes walked across the cavern and stopped at the furthest alcove.
Inside the closest alcove to the floor was inscribed with intricate concentric circles. Inside the circles, there was a gnome, who waved at the group after noticing them. Cautiously, they approached circles, but did not cross them. The gnome introduced himself as Koth’Vaul. He claimed that he had been imprisoned for centuries by the thrall keepers. The Runelords used fey like him to power their structures. He asked the group to help free him and find his companion, Suliana.
As the group was talking to Koth’Vaul, something seemed a bit off. Avel examined the wards and determined that they were meant to hold outsiders, not fey. Eudonius was able to recognize the gnome’s name was in Abyssal and translated to lying horns and was the name of a demon who corrupted and manipulated mortals. The continued questioning the “gnome” about the Black Edifice and then took their leave, lying and saying they would try to free him.
After they were done, Avel, Eudonius, and Bety joined Kalkamedes at the furthest alcove. There were more circled wards, but inside this one was a beautiful unconscious woman. Looking at the woman, Bety believed that she was an azata, a celestial being, named Suliana. The halfling and Eudonius went into the alcove to check on her, while Avel stayed with Kalkamedes.
As the eladrin kept watch, he saw several severed, rotting hands approaching them. He warned the others and Eudonius joined him while Bety cast a healing spell on the woman. The group engaged the undead hands with Eudonius using his holy symbol to turn thee of them. Shortly after the fighting began, a small undead black dragon joined the fight. Avel, Bety, and Eudonius fell back, luring the dragon into the wards with Suliana. The powerful celestial was able to destroy dragon, while Avel (2), Bety (5), and Eudonius (6) dealt with the undead hands.
Once the fight was over, the group destroyed part of the wards, freeing Suliana. She told them that she had come here centuries ago to kill a demon, Koth’Vaul. Unable to defeat the demon, she trapped herself for protection. Suliana healed everyone of their wounds and then led them back to the alcove with the demon. Koth’Vaul revealed his true form, that of a monstrous glabrezu. Trapped in the wards, Suliana easily banished the demon back to the Abyss.
With the demon dealt with, Suliana thanked them for helping her. She had reached out telepathically to Kalkamedes, who had now returned to normal and joined them, but her message had been corrupted by the demon. Avel asked if she could help banish Malfeshnikor as well and she said that she would look into it. With that, she took her leave, returning to her home plane. She swore to Eudonius that she would help him if he ever called to her.
Kalkamedes then thanked the three adventurers for their help. When Avel gave him his equipment back, a voice spoke up. Kalkamedes’ sword, which had been carried by Avel this whole time, was, in fact, sentient.
Fascinated by the sword, Avel began speaking with both the sword and pathfinder, learning more about the blade. The sword, Gamon, told the bladesinger that his rapier seemed familiar to it, like the two swords had been together long ago. The symbol on the Avel’s rapier was linked to Shyka the Many, one of the Eldest fey.
Avel, Bety, and Eudonius escorted Kalkamedes back to his cabin. The journey back was uneventful. When Kalkamedes was safely home, the others returned to cabin with the portal and returned to the Pathfinder lodge in Magnimar.
By the time they reached Magnimar, it was late morning. Bety, Avel, and Eudonius met with Sheila Heidmarch and informed her of their success. She thanked the greatly and paid them for the service. She offered her manor to them for the day to allow them to rest. They took her up on her offer and went to rest for the rest of the day.

Kill Count:
Mark Eight – 0 (31) –
Avel’lyatria – 2 (30) – 1 thug, 1 severed hand
Bety – 5 (26) – 3 thugs, 2 severed hands
Eudonius – 6 – 2 thugs, 4 severed hands (3 turned)
Rufeinig – 8 –
Elowen – 3 –
Varis – 6 –


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