Rise of the Runelords

Session 16 Recap

Iron Justice

24 Lamashan, 4707 AR
The Fighting Foxes left the Pediment Building and headed south through the city to the sawmill on the river. While they walked, they discussed their options. Bety told the group about a well-known adventuring company in the city called The Eyes of the Hawk and he thought they might be of some help. That group had won their renown by driving back spider-like monsters from under the Irespan about eighty years prior.
While the others went to begin investigating the sawmill, Mark Eight left to find out if The Eyes of the Hawk would be any help. Avel, Bety, Eudonius, and Anastriona continued to through the city. On the way, Bety overheard many rumors about a scarecrow wandering around the city at night. This reminded the halfling of an old nursery rhyme that greatly frightened him.
The group reached the island with the sawmill in the evening, with Bety jumping at any shadows. They found a nearby alleyway to observe the building for a while. Avel sent Dirge to fly around and scout the building. Most of the building seemed normal, but from a skylight on the roof, the familiar observed what looked like a small chapel.
They decided to observe the building for a while and make their move after dark. As they kept watch, Eight rejoined the group and gave them what little information he had found.
After night had fallen, Dirge scouted the building again. This time, there were figures in the chapel and a body on the table. They also saw three red-robed figures walk to the sawmill and enter. Another three individuals, seemingly dock workers, were standing around on the docks.
The adventurers decided to act quickly and followed the cultists through the side door. Hearing only loud machinery on the opposite side of the door and unable to pick the lock, Eight kicked the door open and the group rushed inside, attacking the cultists. Mark Eight (1) and Eudonius (1) threw two of the cultists into the machinery, then Eight cut down the other with his glaive (2).
With no other doors in this room, everyone went back outside to discover the dock workers had fled. They decided to climb to the roof and enter through the skylight. Once everyone was on the roof, they saw many cultists in the chapel and Justice Ironbriar approaching the body on the table with a dagger.
Bety quickly tied a rope around himself and gave the other end to Eudonius. Mark Eight shattered that glass and Bety jumped through, while Avel began levitating the victim out of reach. Unfortunately, the rope was cut by sharp edge and Bety fell onto the table in front of Ironbriar. The group immediately rushed to get Bety out, while fighting off the cultists. Avel hurled a fireball into the room, injuring many of the cultists. Ironbriar immediately ran into a small side room and threw something from the window. Avel tried to see what he had thrown, but could not see what it was in the darkness.
Once Bety and the victim were safe, Eight, Bety and Eudonius jumped into the room and began attacking Ironbriar and the cultists. Avel and Anastriona stayed on the roof providing support from above. The druid repeatedly called down lightning on the cultists, killing of them (4). During the fight, two of the cultists fled down the stairs. Eudonius called forth spiritual guardians to kill any enemies that got close to him. Bety cut down one of the cultists (1) and Eight killed another (3). Finally, Ironbriar fell to Eudonius’ spirit guardians (2).
The group quickly began to chase after those cultists that had fled. Anastriona dispatched another two cultists who were fleeing by boat (6) after Avel destroyed its rudder. Eudonius killed another with divine energy (3). Unfortunately, one of the cultists escaped.
Returning to the small chapel, the group began searching the room and Ironbriar’s body for any information. They found some arcane books, including one called Cyrpent’s Tane; Fairytales of the Eldest, as well as a ledger. Eudonius and Avel examined the altar and determined that it was to Norgorber, but seemed different, incorporating the sihedron and other Thassilonian runes into the design.
Inside the small room, they found a birdcage housing several birds. Ironbriar must have sent a message during the battle. Bety wrote a message, attempting to forge Ironbriar’s handwriting, saying that the justice was fine and the adventurers had been disposed of and sent it on a second bird. Anastriona was able to use a spell to see through the bird’s eyes as it traveled. The bird flew to a tower in Underbridge with four large bells, where the message was received by someone with blonde hair.
After looting everything, the Fighting Foxes gathered up the bodies of Ironbriar and the victim, who was alive but unconscious. The group hoped that questioning Ironbriar’s spirit would help to prove the group’s innocence and show the danger to the Lord-Mayor.
Once back at the Temple of Iomedae, the priests were able to restore the victim to consciousness. His name was Fairman. He had been in the Alabaster when he had been attacked by something big and strong. That was the last thing he had remembered and did not have any idea why he was taken. Talking with Tira Ronnova, she said that she would testify to our investigation and would be the one who questioned the body, so that the information gathered from the spell would not be questioned by the authorities.

Kill Count:
Mark Eight – 3 (39) –3 cultists
Avel’lyatria – 0 (35) –
Bety – 1 (30) – 1 cultist
Eudonius – 3 (11) – 2 cultists, Justice Ironbriar
Anastriona – 6 (13) – 6 cultists
Rufeinig – 0 (13) –
Elowen – 3 –
Varis – 6 –


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