Rise of the Runelords

Session 17 Recap

Assault on the Shadowclock

25 Lamashan, 4707 AR
After resting and awaking at midday, Avel, Eight, Bety, Eudonius, and Anastriona began discussing what they had found and what their next move was. Avel examined Ironbriar’s ledger, but it was written in a cypher that included several languages.
It was decided that Eight, Avel, Bety, and Anastriona would go scout out the Shadowclock, while Eudonius waited in the temple to assist with the questioning of Ironbriar’s body. The group worked on the questions that would be asked during the spell. Avel left his familiar Dirge at the temple so that Eudonius could inform the others when the questioning was done.
The scouting party made their way through the city towards the Underbridge district. At the border of the district guards had set up a checkpoint to prevent people from entering or leaving the district. The group was able to bypass the checkpoint by sneaking through the alleyways. Once inside the district, they found it quiet with no people in the streets. Mounted guards were also patrolling the streets, but the group was able to avoid being spotted.
Anastriona led them to an abandoned house near the Shadowclock where they could keep a watch on the entrance. They watched for several hours. Eventually, one humanoid figure entered the tower, followed shortly after by two robed humanoids and a much larger figure covered in a tarp.
Back at the temple, the justices and city officials arrived to witness the questioning of Ironbriar. The questioning was only partially successful. The questions showed that Ironbriar was in charge of the cult committing the murders, but were not able to link Xanesha to Ironbriar and the murders or show that there was a plot to kill the mayor. Once the questioning was done, Eudonius sent Dirge back to Avel.
Once informed that the questioning was over, Anastriona, as a cat, was able to sneak back out of the district and inform Eudonius what the others had seen. Eudonius gathered four temple acolytes to assist the group and the six of them set back out to rejoin Avel, Eight, and Bety and attack the Shadowclock.

26 Lamashan, 4707 AR
In the middle of the night, everyone regrouped in the abandoned house outside of the Shadowclock. They approached the tower, but the main door was barred from the inside. Anastriona transformed into a spider and carried Bety into the tower through a hole in the wall. Once inside, they found a large tower with stairs making their way to the top of the tower. Above were four large bells.
On the floor below, there was a large table. A large form lay on top covered with a tarp. Nearby were four large jars filled with liquid containing metal plates with wires attached to whatever was underneath the tarp. Bety unbarred the door, allowing the rest of the group to enter.
As Avel, Eight, Eudonius, and the acolytes entered, the form on the table rose up, revealing a large flesh golem. As the group attacked the golem, two more shapeshifters attacked from the stairs. The group destroyed the jars of liquid which helped to weaken the flesh golem. Anastriona (1) and Eight (1) killed the two shapeshifters, while Eudonius destroyed the flesh golem. One of the acolytes was also slain during the fight.
After the fight was over, the Fighting Foxes began climbing up the stairs to the roof. As they climbed, the bells began to ring and then fell onto the group. Avel, Anastriona, and Bety were greatly injured as the collapsing bells knocked them from the stairs, but were quickly healed and the group climbed the remaining distance to the roof. Leaving the acolytes on the ground floor.
The adventurers climbed onto the roof and were attacked by a third shapeshifter and a blonde woman, presumably Xanesha. The shapeshifter was killed by Anastriona (2). Eight threw Xanesha from the roof, but she was able to survive the one-hundred and fifty foot fall. Eudonius, Bety, and Anastriona began rushing down the stairs, shouting at the acolytes to get Xanesha outside. Avel began levitating down the side of the tower, while Mark Eight just jumped off of the tower after Xanesha.
As everyone rushed to close in on Xanesha, Mark Eight and Avel began attacking her. Eight was able to cut her down with his glaive (2). The victory was short-lived, however, as after her human form was slain, her true form showed itself. The polymorph spell now gone, she rose up as a large, snakelike creature, wielding a large spear.
Everyone threw everything they had at the creature. Anastriona called down lighting, Eight and Bety attacked with everything they had, Avel threw every spell he could at her. Eudonius and the acolytes attacked just as hard, along with healing their allies’ wounds. The three remaining acolytes were killed by Xanesha. The brutal fight ended with Mark Eight again killing Xanesha (3). This time, she did not get back up, leaving the bruised and battered adventurers alone outside the Shadowclock.

Kill Count:
Mark Eight – 3 (39) – faceless stalker, Xanesha (polymorphed), Xanesha (true form)
Avel’lyatria – 0 (35) –
Bety – 0 (30) –
Eudonius – 1 (12) – flesh golem
Anastriona – 2 (14) – 2 faceless stalkers
Rufeinig – 0 (13) –
Elowen – 3 –
Varis – 6 –


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