Rise of the Runelords

Session 19 Recap

A New Journey Begins

Month of Neth, 4707 AR
The next month was mostly uneventful for the group. Eudonius and Anastriona officially joined the adventuring company. They decided to rename themselves the Fighting Phoenix Adventuring Company. The name Fighting Foxes no longer seemed appropriate after their last encounter with Aldern Foxglove, whom the original name had honored.
The group refurnished their home on 21 Junk Steet. Their former companion, Rufeinig, was put to rest with a proper Shoanti burial. To their house they added a memorial wall for their fallen allies; Rufeinig and the acolytes of Iomedae.
Mark Eight spent much of his time at the blacksmith forge. He was able to make new armor or weapons for many of the group. He also returned to Magnimar for some time and assisted the town guard in apprehending several criminals. After his last job, which involved breaching a house and apprehending the leader of criminal group, he received an invitation from the Lord-Mayor of Magnimar to meet him on the 5th of Kuthona about a job.
Eudonius returned to Magnimar as well, studying and praying at the Temple of Iomedae. One day he was called to assist in an exorcism of a demon. The acolytes had been able to cast out the demon, it was still in the upper floor when Eudonius arrived. Eudonius found the creature and realized it was undead and not a demon and was able to destroy it with his holy presence.
Bety, who had traveled to Riddleport to find some of his crew, was driving a wagon away from the city with Dally Van. Two riders were chasing them trying to apprehend Bety’s friend, when Bety stopped the wagon and polymorphed himself into a triceratops, scaring their pursuers off. After Bety was himself again, Dally remembered to give him a letter from the Lord-Mayor of Magnimar.
Anastriona spent much of her time in the wild communing with nature. She studied the ebb and flow of the natural magic of the area. Two figures appeared in front of her, taking the forms of a wolf and a stag, and bowed to her. She approached the wolf, touching its head. It dissipated into its life energy and flowed into the druid. As her vision subsided, a rider approached her and gave her the same letter from the Lord-Mayor.
Avel’lyatria stayed in Sandpoint, studying Thassilon with Brodert Quink. The Rider pulled him face down through the forest. It threw Avel into a boulder and then hurled a disk (a sundial) at him, missing, but striking the boulder behind the bladesinger. As Avel looked back, he saw the Rider had his younger brother with a metal collar and chain around his neck. Avel struck out with magic at the Rider. The Rider threw Avel’s brother to the ground and rode off. Avel’s brother approached, saying, “It’s almost time and soon you will be together.” Avel awoke at a knocking at his door. It was a messenger who delivered an invitation from the Lord-Mayor of Magnimar.

5 Kuthona, 4707 AR
The Fighting Phoenixes reunited outside of the Pediment Building in Magnimar in the morning and quickly caught up on their individual adventures. They then went inside the building and up to the Lord-Mayor’s office.
Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Groberas welcomed the adventurers and told them that he had a job for them. One of Magnimar’s holdings, Fort Rannick, had not been heard from in some time. No merchants had traveled from that way lately, either. A messenger, Tymeron, had been sent to the fort, but also had not returned. The Lord-Mayor wanted the Fighting Phoenixes to travel to Fort Rannick and discover what had happened.
Fort Rannick was a fort north of the town of Turtleback Ferry in the forests northeast of the Sanos Forest. It was the home of the Black Arrow Rangers, who helped defend the area.
The group left the Pediment Building, discussing their options for traveling to Fort Rannick. Avel, who came from the Sanos Forest, suggested traveling by river to the Turtleback Ferry and then going the rest of the way on foot. The group agreed to this suggestion and began readying themselves for the journey. They bought rations and supplies and were able to find a barge to taken them to Whistledown. From there, the Fighting Phoenixes could either ride to Turtleback Ferry or find another boat to take them the rest of the way.

6 Kuthona, 4707 AR
The first two days of the journey were uneventful. Still relatively close to Magnimar there was little danger. On the evening of their second day of the journey, Avel pointed out an old broken Thassilonian aqueduct. He had first seen it on his journey to Sandpoint several months before.

7 Kuthona, 4707 AR
The group sat around on the small barge talking about their pasts and getting to know one another. As they talked, one of the donkeys stepped in a trap, stopping their boat. Four bandits emerged from the nearby brush and threatened the group, trying to bribe the captain to let the barge go free.
The adventurers refused to pay and attacked the bandits, who immediately transformed into wereboars. After a short fight, three of the wereboar bandits had been slain by Eight (2) and Eudonius (1), while the fourth bandit escaped.
Unfortunately, the donkey was slain by the bandits before they were dispatched. As the group recovered from the fight, they noticed that the captain was riding back to Magnimar on the back of the other donkey, leaving the barge stranded in the river. The group was able to get their own horses off the barge and attach two of them to the harnesses to use them to haul the barge. But it took some time and they lost about a half-day’s travel.

8 Kuthona, 4707 AR
The next day of travel was also uneventful. By this time, Bety had claimed the barge for himself and renamed it The Halfpint. From their camp that night, they could see the lights of Wartle in the distance.

9 Kuthona, 4707 AR
The group reached Wartle early the next morning. They stopped in the small town and decided to try to find new beasts of burden to replace their horses. Bety was able to find a couple farms outside of town and buy two oxen to pull the barge further up river. They set off soon afterwards, but lost most of the day’s traveling.

10 Kuthona, 4707 AR
As the barge passed along the edge of the Sanos Forest, a large group of mephits emerged from the forest and attacked the party. The fight was brief, but intense with the small creatures keeping their distance and casting spells, but eventually they fled after many were killed. Anastriona (2), Bety (1), Eudonius (3), and Avel (1) were all able to kill some of the annoying creatures.
Later that day, the Fighting Phoenix Adventuring Company reached the town of Whistledown on the banks of Lake Syrantula. Avel had an acquaintance in the town and left the group to find Orlain Quicklight while the others made arrangements to be towed to Ilsurian on the north side of the lake.
Avel found the old gnome drinking in one of the taverns. The bladesinger asked if Orlain knew what was going on in the area. The gnome informed him that strange things had been happening around the forest lately. Trolls, ogres, and restless fey had been seen lately, as well as new creatures that hadn’t been seen before. Gnome villages in the forest had been abandoned. Something had been stopping ships going up the Skull River towards Turtle Ferry.
Avel passed this information onto the others and they discussed the best way to complete their journey. While the Sanos Trail would be the safest option, it would also take more time. Since they believed that time may be of the essence, the group eventually agreed to continue up the river, despite the possible dangers.
The Fighting Phoenixes climbed aboard the small boat that would pull their barge across the lake to Ilsurian. Halfway across the lake, two wyverns swooped down from the mountains and attack the adventurers on the boat. They creatures fought ferociously, injuring both Avel and Anastriona, but were eventually driven off by the group, though neither was killed.
They reached Ilsurian early that evening. The group was in rough shape, so they decided to rest in Ilsurian for the night and continue on in the morning.

Kill Count:
Mark Eight – 2 (40) – 2 wereboars
Avel’lyatria – 1 (36) – 1 mephit
Bety – 1 (31) – 1 mephit
Eudonius – 4 (16) – 1 wereboar, 3 mephits
Anastriona – 2 (16) – 2 mephits
Rufeinig – 0 (13) –
Elowen – 3 –
Varis – 6 –


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