Avel'lyatria Tahleara

A blade in his hand, a spell on his fingers, and a song on his lips.


Avel stands just over five and half feet tall. His slender frame displays his small, but well toned muscles and bronze skin. His face shows the angular features of most elves, along with his large green eyes. His white hair is shaved along the sides and back, with a short mohawk in the center leading to a small top knot on the top of his head. On his right upper arm is a white tattoo of a wolf running down his arm. His left upper arm has a tattoo of the symbol of Calistria. His left palm also has a white tattoo of a wolf’s paw.

His clothes are simple and practical. Dark brown pants, black leather boots that end just below the knee, and a dark green sleeveless tunic covered by studded leather armor. His baldric and sword belt holds a rapier in an ornate scabbard, as well as some pouches holding various spell components, and two daggers. More daggers are sheathed on his left thigh, at the small of his back, and hidden in his boots. He carries a pack on his back with some traveling supplies. Strapped to the pack is a bedroll and a leather case carrying a small lyre.


Avel arrived in Sandpoint the day prior to the Swallowtail Festival. His exact business is unknown, but he is intent on talking to Brodert Quink.
After being caught in the middle of a misunderstanding between some thugs, a halfling, and a construct bounty hunter, he joined the halfling, Bety, and Eight to help him find Brodert Quink.
Avel’lyatria, Bety, and Eight assisted in the defense of Sandpoint during the attack on the day of the Swallowtail Festival. The three were then offered a sponsorship by Aldern Foxglove to form an adventuring company. Avel accepted the offer, needing a way to earn the money to pay Quink for his services.
Avel had a strange dream/vision while he slept after the attack. He has been reluctant to talk of it, keeping most of it to himself.
The group found a ruin in a forest to the east of Sandpoint. In that ruin was the same symbol that adorns Avel’s rapier.
Avel’lyatria, Bety, and Mark Eight became the founding members of the Fighting Foxes. An adventuring group sponsored by Aldern Foxglove with the purpose of helping the town of Sandpoint and promoting the Foxglove name.

Avel'lyatria Tahleara

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