Boistrous Bety Regibold Cahrriyn Willflower the Third

Sideburns to kill from 10 feet away


3 ft tall
Curly, brown ruddy hair with fierce sideburns of the same color streaked with gray and white at the base
Small in size
Wields a rapier
Wears a blue vest embroidered with green with a green vest embroidered in blue beneath, both made with very vibrant fabric
Loose fitting tunic and knee length trousers with a studded leather vest beneath for extra protection
Irish accent



Towering at 3 feet tall, Boistrous Bety Regibold Cahrriyn Willflower the Third (“Boistrous Bety respectively, mind you!”) is a halfling with a knack for finding himself in the middle of everything he probably shouldn’t be. If even half of his tall tales can be believed, Boistrous Bety once served aboard a fearsome ship known as The Pearl Owlbear amidst some of the “mightiest and most daring sailors ever to sail the open seas” before arriving in Sandpoint. Needless to say, he has made a name for himself (much to the obvious exasperation of the local authorities) since arriving and making his home in Sandpoint. He is always quick to show new arrivals the sights of the city and some of the less than savory corners that its districts have to offer. His appreciation of fine ales, fine songs, and even finer women is also a reputation that proceeds him. If adventure is what you’re looking for in Varisia, there’s no guide that can offer as unique a tour as Boistrous Bety.

Boistrous Bety Regibold Cahrriyn Willflower the Third

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