Construct Mk. VIII

350 lbs of metallic fury and social awkwardness


Height: 6’2"
Weight: 25 Stone
Race: Unconfirmed
Gender: Unconfirmed

Visual inspection: This creature is a bipedal humanoid clad completely in steel. Teal plates block out any visible pupil or sclera. Wears khaki cloak and hood. Gauntlets have broad thumb and two fingers. Boots have two equally large toes. Armor lacks iconography or heraldry. Plating color is gunmetal with accents of copper and gold. Wears red scarf.

Known Equipment: Glaive, Mace, Shield


Reports say this person appeared in Sandpoint six months ago asking for a position in the town militia. After being refused, it was rumored to begin acting as a bounty hunter and inserted itself into criminal investigations. Warrants and bounties have been turned in increasing numbers since its arrival, though perpetrators arrived dead more times than alive. One criminal was said to have turned himself into the sheriff after being relentlessly pursued by a “metal man” for four days straight. The creature provided its name as “Mark Eight.”

Construct Mk. VIII

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