Rise of the Runelords

Session 18 Recap

The Heroes of Magnimar

26 Lamashan, 4707 AR
The adventures stood around over the snakelike body of Xanesha, the three fallen acolytes lying dead nearby. Wearily, they began searching Xanesha’s body. Eight took her spear, which flared with light and was covered with Thassilonian runes. As he picked it up, the rune on his arm flared with red light. Avel found an amulet on her body, shaped like the sihedron rune.
Next, the group began searching the interior of the Shadowclock. On the top floor, inside a cupboard, they found Aldorin, the dwarf wizard advisor to the Lord-Mayor. He thanked the Fighting Foxes for saving them and told them he was supposed to meet Xanesha here, but was knocked out by something after arriving.
They also found a stash of notes, mostly just information that they had already found out. But among the notes was the Lord-Mayor’s schedule and an updated list of names for the Sihedron Ritual. Also Xanesha’s journal was found, but it was written in Thassilonian.
Avel examined the statue on top of the Shadowclock, while the others found wagons to take the bodies of the acolytes, Xanesha, and the flesh golem back to the temple. The statue was not magical, but had a phrase written in Thassilonian runes. It appeared to be paraphrased from a sacred text by the context. It referenced the “shadows of Marmasif”, which seemed to be a location to the far north, and “runes empowering the great generals.”
With everything taken care of at the Shadowclock, the group left the district towards the upper part of town. On the way, Aldorin redirected them to the Lord-Mayor’s estate. The adventurers were welcomed inside to meet with the Lord-Mayor, who was informed of what had happened by the dwarven wizard. He was very thankful for what the Fighting Foxes had accomplished and wished to honor them at a ceremony in a few days’ time.
After meeting with Lord-Mayor Groberas, the group returned to the Temple of Iomedae with the bodies. They arranged to have the acolytes properly buried and to have the other bodies brought in so that they could be further examined. And then went to rest after their long night.
The group awoke later that afternoon. By this time, several scholars and wizards, especially from the Golemworks, had arrived at the temple to examine the snake and golem. Avel joined those examining and met Toth Bhreacher, the archmage of the Golemworks, and the two discussed the flesh golem.
Bety and Mark Eight visited Muldanor to inform them that the Skinsaw Cult was no more. The crime lord was grateful and gave the halfling a document and instructions for passing the document that would free Bety’s crew. Bety took his leave and followed the Muldanor’s instructions, hoping he could trust the crime lord.

27-28 Lamashan, 4707 AR
Over the next two days, the Fighting Foxes spent most of their time recovering from the fight with Xanesha. Some also brewed potions, scribed scrolls, and took care of other various errands. Avel also sent in a report to the Pathfinder Society about their discoveries.

28 Lamashan, 4707 AR
The morning of the ceremony arrived. Early in the day, the Fighting Foxes were invited to the ceremony in their honor. The Lord-Mayor awarded each of the adventurers with a medal and a large sack of gold. They accepted their rewards with much applause from the gathered audience.
The group then decided to celebrate at the Fancy Reefclaw and see if any of Bety’s crew had shown up now that the Skinsaw cult had been dealt with. They arrived at the tavern and immediately noticed Baelan and Dealon sitting at a table and Captain Bars’uula sitting by the fire. Bety immediately went to talk to the captain, while Eudonius and the others sat down with the twins.
Bety and Captin Bars’uula had a very friendly greeting. But the captain was sorry for leaving Bety in Sandpoint those years ago. One night, while playing cards, an older elf named “Mal…something” decided to join in. After the elf won, he told the captain that in the future, Bars’uula would run into trouble and only Bety would be able to save him, but the halfling must be left in the dark. Captain Bars’uula also admitted he was getting too old and one day Bety would return to take his place as captain of The Pearl Owlbear and knew the words that Bety would say, but that today wasn’t that day.
After Bety and Captain Bars’uula finished talking, the halflling invited the rest of the Fighting Foxes over to meet his old friend. The captain joyfully greeted everyone as they were introduced until he got to Avel. As he heard the eladrin’s name, the captain went pale, which Avel noticed. Afterwards, the group spent the night drinking and sharing stories.
Late into the night, the group finally dispersed. The Fighting Foxes returned to sleep at the temple, while Bars’uula and the twins went to their own inn. Avel summoned Dirge to him and sent the pseudodragon familiar to follow the Captain and report back.

29 Lamashan, 4707 AR
Avel left the temple early the next morning and traveled to Captain Bars’uula’s inn. There he waited at a table in the common room for the captain to come down. After a few hours, he came down the stairs and Avel waved him over. The captain did not want to talk to him, telling him that Malwen told him not to. He also admitted that he had met Malwen the night before Bety was left in Sandpoint before hustling out of the inn, refusing to talk to Avel anymore.
The rest of the group decided to investigate Ironbriar’s Office in the Pediment Building. Inside, they discovered records from the Seven’s Sawmill and directions from Xanesha for clearing specific areas to obtain victims of the Sihedron Ritual, as well as other notes written in Thassilonian.
They also found a bounty from priests of Sarenrae and Iomedae for the capture of a rogue cleric and his sister who abandoned their post in Mendev. Eudonius admitted the bounty was on himself and his sister, but that the reports were not entirely true.
Eudnoius and his sister traveled with other soldiers to Mendev where they fought against the demons of the Worldwound, but that he lost many of his companions. Eventually, he was framed by people who claimed to be high priests for desertion. Now Eudonius is trying to clear the reputation of himself and his sister.
After regrouping at the temple, Avel looked over several of the documents. Many of the Thassilonian documents contained religious devotional passages. The noted the “mountains of Marmasif,” “clouds of Shalast,” and mentioned the name Mokmurian.

30 Lamashan, 4707 AR
The next day was spent again recovering and running errands. Bety, having learned a polymorph spell, practiced transforming himself into a triceratops with the help of Anastriona.

1 Neth, 4707 AR
Eudonius had spent some time looking over the documents they had found in Ironbriar’s office and decided to track done one of the people who had falsely accused him of deserting. The others decided to join him and they all traveled to Lowcleft to visit the manor of Lord Ylearnd. Unfortunately, the lord was not expected back for some time, but they could try again near the beginning of the new year.
With no more business in Magnimar, the group decided to return to Sandpoint. But first, Bety wanted to visit the Hidden Swallow Trading Post to visit his brother, Archie. Bety made sure his brother knew that they were the ones who solved the murders in Magnimar. The two halflings talked about their current fortunes for some time before Bety took his leave. After that, the group gathered their horses and rode out toward Sandpoint.

Kill Count:
Mark Eight – 0 (39) –
Avel’lyatria – 0 (35) –
Bety – 0 (30) –
Eudonius – 0 (12) –
Anastriona – 0 (14) –
Rufeinig – 0 (13) –
Elowen – 3 –
Varis – 6 –


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